Hand Watering vs. Irrigation – Which is Better?

You can’t rely on rainfall to be the sole watering factor for your plants. Rainfall may not be as often or as much as your plants need so you’ll need to decide how to water your landscape. To decide which method is right for you, you’ll need to analyze your property’s needs and your personal habits and preferences. Are you more hands-on or hands-off when it comes to maintaining your landscape? Is your landscape new or old? New landscaping requires more water than older, established landscapes because they are still settling in. We’ve compiled the pros and cons of two watering systems: hand watering and irrigation, to help you decide which is best for your property.

Hand Watering

Hand watering is best if your landscape contains mostly planting beds and pots. On average, you will have to hand water your plants two or three times a week using hoses, watering cans, etc. In summer months when the days are long and the sun is hot, you’ll need to do it much more often. However, hand watering isn’t as simple as you would think. Plants require more than a sprinkle of water. You have to water, let the water soak in, and then water again.

Hand watering does allow you to manage the amount of water being used, and is great if you have plants that require different amounts of water than other plants in your garden or on your property. With hand watering, you are less likely to overwater your plants. Some people also prefer hand watering because it is more personal and you are “spending time” with your plants, enabling you to spot plant issues in a timely manner.


Convenience is one of the biggest factors of irrigation systems. Irrigation systems can cover large areas and also offer the benefit of programmable controllers. Smart irrigation systems are able to detect weather changes and adjust watering accordingly, using as little water as possible and saving you money in the long run.

Irrigation systems need to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure it is working properly. Sprinkler heads can become clogged from grass clippings and dirt and leaky valves can waste water and drive up your water bill. The experts at Landcrafters will always make sure your irrigation system is in check so you have one less thing to worry about! Also, it makes sense to install an irrigation system while your property is already being dug up by the landscaping crew, working on your new landscaping.

A properly designed and working water irrigation system will help to keep your landscape healthy and green, all year long. If you are interested in upgrading your current irrigation system or want to install a new one, Landcrafters is here to help! After your new irrigation system is installed, using water-wise conservation principles, we will walk you through how your new system works, explain to you how to operate your system and perform any necessary tasks to keep your system working properly.

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