Why You Shouldn’t Choose the Lowest Bidder for Your Landscaping Service

The thought of saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on landscape maintenance sounds enticing but choosing the lowest bidder may actually cost you more in the long run! When filtering through all of the bids that you’ve received from landscaping providers, you’ll want to consider more than just the cost.


Quality of Work and Crew


A service provider may be offering you a lower price but with that likely comes a lower quality of work. A higher bidder will most likely have newer, commercial-grade equipment and professionally-trained and experienced employees that get the job done efficiently. They will know exactly what it takes to manage and preserve your property without having to request change orders or send out additional teams to correct mistakes.

Often, low ballers only have a small team available to service your property and cannot be readily available on a moment’s notice. Smaller teams may also miss or leave out problem areas, resulting in a less-than-perfect job and your tenants, employees, or visitors may notice and decide to leave if they feel that the property looks unclean and/or unsafe. Additionally, if your service provider does not keep your landscape up to code, you could also have to pay fines in result.

Contracts and Insurance

When choosing a landscaping provider, you’ll want to make sure that they offer clear contracts with a specific scope of work. Companies that bid low may sometimes have fuzzy or unclear contracts that can cause problems down the road. Another common red flag to look for when analyzing landscaping bids is lack of insurance coverage. Sometimes, companies will offer you a lower price because they do not have full coverage insurance. If an incident were to happen while that company’s employees were on your property and the company does not have insurance, you could be held accountable for covering the unexpected lawyer fees, hospital bills, and more. Landcrafters is a fully licensed and insured company, and holds worker’s compensation for all of our employees.

Experience Level

A company may underbid because they are amateurs or just getting started in this business. By interviewing the company AND their other commercial clients, you can get a better idea of their experience level. You can also inquire about what industry qualifications, affiliations, certifications and licenses they hold. Beware of landscaping providers that offer you a “special rate” for whatever reason. Quality landscaping and maintenance can’t be offered at drastically cut rates. After all, you get what you pay for.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to have a positive experience with your landscaping provider that delivers the results that you need. Landcrafters supports local businesses all over Pinellas County in Florida to boost their commercial curb appeal and reduce their operating costs. Through tailor-made landscaping solutions designed to fit your budget, we can make your business landscape so enjoyable that your customers look forward to each visit, and your employees become stress-free and productive. Contact us today and get your landscaping done on time and within budget: 727-446-2598