10 Florida-Friendly Trees and Shrubs to Plant on Your Property

If you’ve lived in Florida, specifically on the Gulf Coast of Florida, for any amount of time, you might be under the impression that you’re limited to local, if not boring, floral and fauna. The numerous reasons are running through your head: it’s too hot, it’s too humid, it’s too salty, it’s too this, it’s too that.

We hear you, trust us. Florida can be particularly fickle when it comes to planting and maintaining certain trees, flowers, bushes, shrubs, and more. But as landscape professionals who have been in the land crafting game for over two decades, we’re here to tell you that there’s far more to Florida landscape than you think.

If you’re looking to spruce up your property with Florida-friendly trees and shrubs, there are actually a large group to pick from. Sure, you’ll have to consider the type of soil you’re dealing with, the moisture in the air in the area you live in, the heat, and more, but as a general rule, these 8 trees and shrubs you see before you are ideal for most Florida properties (specifically for our Pinellas County area).

Check out our list below, pick your favorites (if you can), and you’ll be one step closer to spicing up your property with these Florida tried-and-tested trees.

Little Gem Magnolia

little gem magnolia

The “Little Gem” Magnolia could be the jewel in your landscaping crown thanks to its unique and appealing appearance. This aptly named flowering tree features dark, glossy leaves and large white blooms that create an eye-catching contrast. “Little Gem” is, predictably, smaller than its full-size counterpart, allowing it to function as a shrub-like plant or small tree. It will typically grow to approximately 20 feet over the first 20 years of its life.

Crepe Myrtle

crepe myrtle

Not unlike the delicious French food, crepe myrtles are a sweet treat for the eyes. These common shrubs and trees are well-known for their impressive floral displays. Bursts of white, pink, and red flowers occur in clusters, farther adding to the beautiful, full-look of these trees.

Crepe myrtles do require pruning to remain healthy and to encourage growth. This maintenance is easy to perform but can be overdone, so make sure that your landscape professional is familiar with the plants and their care!



If you’re familiar with the tropics—and you should be, you’re in Florida, after all—you’re likely familiar with frangipani, whether you know it or not. The blooms produced by these incredible plants are iconic. From trinkets in gift shops to Hawaiian leis, the undeniably recognizable flowers are truly stunning and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

They are also relatively easy to care for and can be planted in the earth or in containers. If opting for the latter, more frequent maintenance is required due to their tendency to become rootbound. In tropical environments, the colder months are generally not an issue.

Geiger Tree


What better way to spice up your landscaping than by adding impossible-to-ignore orange blossoms that basically explode with vibrancy? We can’t think of many, so allow us to recommend the Geiger tree, hands down one of Florida’s most beautiful native trees.

If orange clashes with your style, you can opt for white and yellow blooms. No matter which variety you choose, these lovely trees are guaranteed to enhance your landscaping!

Dwarf Poinciana


With its multiple trunks and shrubby appearance, the dwarf poinciana is a tree that fills the void between shrub and full-grown tree. Not only does it meet this need, but it also does so in an impressive manner. The versatility of this particular plant is valuable, too. You can choose to grow it in the shape of a large shrub or prune it to maintain a more tree-like appearance!

Tibouchina Granulosa


Also known as the Purple Glory Tree, this shrub is another that is aptly named. The spectacular blooms certainly earn the distinction of glory, while the shrub itself features the unique ability to be trimmed and trained into the perfect shape for your property!

Standard Bottlebrush


Unmistakable blooms that appear to be bristling with spikes make the bottlebrush a distinctive addition to any landscape. Typically, these plants feature bright red or crimson flowers that are sure to draw positive attention.

Golden Dewdrop

golden dedrop

If you’re looking for a showy shrub that happens to be a bit wild, the golden dewdrop is for you. Its yellow berries give it a unique look and often share the stage with gorgeous purple flowers. While the shrub can be tamed, it takes frequent trimming. Otherwise, allow the plant to run wild and impress with its natural beauty or trim occasionally to keep it in check.



Larger than several of the other shrubs and trees included in this list, jacaranda can reach nearly 100 feet in height. The purple flowers bloom in quantity, creating quite the spectacle. Thanks to their height and foliage, these trees also make for fantastic shade trees.



There is a huge variety of tabebuia trees—over 100, in fact! They can feature single or multiple trunks, but all include clustered blooms that are sure to enhance your landscaping in the spring. Warm locations with soil that has good drainage are a must. That being said, they are able to adapt to a multitude of growing conditions, making them a great choice for south Floridians.

If you’re ready to transform your outdoor space with these beautiful, durable trees, look no farther than our trained experts who can help you through the process by inspecting and evaluating your property to offer recommendations tailored to your needs. Landcrafters prides itself on its custom-tailored designs and use of only the highest-quality plants and trees. Whether you’re looking for something exotic or something with local flavor, getting a quote from us is quick, easy, and free! Please contact us with any questions at 727-201-3947 and check out our blog for insider tips and tricks!

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