The 6 Best Bulbs to Plant for Summer Blooms

While daffodils and tulips are great spring-blooming bulbs, it’s time to start thinking ahead of what bulbs to plant now, in the spring, for the ultimate summer blooms! Before you start planting bulbs around your property, you should consider where they will be planted in advance.

Well-drained soil is crucial for bulbs to grow, so avoid planting them in bogged areas where they are likely to rot. Bulbs are also well-suited for planting containers, making them great for patios and other outdoor spaces! If you are in need for some inspiration, the professionals at Landcrafters have included some of our favorite bulbs here:

Summer Snowflake (Leucojum aestivim)

Spring Snowflake

Peach Glow (Watsonia pyramidata)

Peach Glow

Hardy Begonia (Begonia Grandis)

Hardy Begonia

Iris (Iris croatica)




Oriental Lily (Lilium orientalis)

Bulbs are great for bringing a bit of summertime pop to your landscaping, and Landcrafters is your one-stop shop for expert advice on all things that bloom. Whether it’s the bulbs mentioned here or nearly any other plant you can think of, our experts are ready to listen to your landscaping dreams, analyze the unique needs of your property, and provide you with recommendations and installation. We can create a step-by-step landscape enhancement plan to best complement your yard with all your favorite plants. For more information or a free and easy quote, simply contact us by calling (727)-201-3947. Also, keep your eye on our handy blog that is updated regularly with useful landscaping tips and tricks!