6 Commercial Landscape Amenities to Attract Families & Entertain Kiddos

The Top 6 Commercial Landscape Amenities to Attract Families & Entertain Kiddos

So, you’re running a commercial operation that relies on attracting the attention of families, entertaining kiddos, and overall, providing a sense of comfort, warmth, and joy, right?

Listen, it sounds complicated, but we promise it’s actually not all that hard to tick all those boxes on your list. Especially when it comes down the what we can directly help you with—landscape.

One of the reasons we love landscaping is that it’s for everyone—the elderly, young children, active folks, people who prefer to sit and relax. Landscaping knows no color, no age, no gender, no creed—landscaping is for everyone and it can be a beautiful way to connect, entertain, and provide happiness.

So, when it comes to tweaking your landscape design to specifically accommodate families and entertain kids, there are some easy solutions that have even easier maintenance.

Think about it this way—families come to Florida for entertainment, for tourism, for vacation. They come for tropical getaways and beaches and fun.

Butterflies & Birds for the Win

Picture it: a landscape full of butterflies flitting through flowers and birds sitting on branches. Sounds pleasant, right? That’s because it is! Families and children love to see beautiful birds and lively butterflies buzzing through a gorgeous, colorful landscape—so why wouldn’t you add this into your landscape design?

There are plenty of butterfly and bird-specific plants you can include in your landscape design to attract these glorious creatures (which will, in turn, attract those families you’re dying to get on your property!).

As a bonus point, butterfly and bird attracting plants are typically bright, beautiful, and smell delicious, so you really can’t go wrong with this strategy.

Plant Florida Native Flora & Fauna for Educational Moment

Nothing’s better than being able to provide a beautiful landscape for the clients you’re trying to reign in—but what if you could provide something beautiful and educational? Especially when that educational aspect is Florida specific?

Try adding in Florida-native and Florida-friendly flora and fauna to your landscape with plaques, signs, or something small that points to what these plants are and why they’re so Florida-specific. The kiddos will love that they’re learning something new and their parents will love the effort you put in to entertain their children (they’ll probably love learning a little, too).

We’ve got a few blogs below that might help you get started!

Hiking & Walking Trails

This doesn’t have to be an insanely challenging hiking trail that’s designed to tire everyone out. Fun, tiny nature trails that are well maintained and beautiful are great features that can make families happy, entertain kids for a while, and make your commercial space look beautiful and fun.

A small detail like this—even if it’s just a tiny rock trail that circles your property—can make an enormous difference.

Add Pops of Color for the WOW Factor

Never underestimate the power of beautiful colors! Big, bright pops of color can make an enormous difference when it comes to drawing peoples’ eyes, attracting families, and even entertaining children!

Need some wow-inducing color inspo? Don’t we all. Check out this blog post we wrote a while back about how to get that wow-factor we’re all searching for. Trust us, bright pops of color can work wonders for attracting your key clientele—no matter who those clients are.


Don’t overthink it—some gorgeously maintained turf with a simple playset can do the trick!

It doesn’t need to be fancy, but it does need to be attractive and well-maintained! A simple slide, a set of swings, and some neat green space on top of that (perhaps with a few picnic tables and areas for parents to sit and enjoy in the shade) is a great choice for attracting families and keeping kiddos entertained!

Can You Say Splash Zone?

Two words: splash zone. Do we really have to say more? If you really want to tickle a family’s fancy, add in a fun little splash zone that the kiddos can exclusively enjoy. The best part? This is a wildly popular idea during Florida springs and summers—you know, when the temperatures are raging and the sun is out in full force.

This doesn’t need to be a huge section of your commercial property, but just a little space with strategized fountains, splash pads, and water zones to cool off the families who visit can go a long way!

Looking for a little more involved help when it comes to attracting families and bringing more fun into your commercial space? We’ve got you covered. Landcrafters is all about showing you the best, easiest, and most affordable ways to accomplish your unique business goals—and if it’s family fun you’re looking for, we can happily assist!

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