Our Year in Review: A Look Back at Tampa Bay Landscape & What We Learned in 2022

The year is drawing to a close, and it is a wonderful time to look back on 2022. While you undoubtedly had highs and lows, learning from experience is one of the best ways to grow. Here at Landcrafters, we’ve done our fair share of reflection in order to appreciate where we’ve been and prepare ourselves for what’s next. It’s an exercise we do every year, and 2022 is no different.

After all, it was a big year for us at Landcrafters, especially in Tampa Bay landscape. From expanding our fine gardening horizons to finding ways to deliver exceptional service in the face of unprecedented cost increases, 2022 was packed with opportunities to learn. In the end, we think we’re better off as a result and want to share our experience with you.

Landscaping in 2022 – What We Learned

The Details are Always Important

It is easy to get distracted by the big, eye-catching elements of a landscape. From the vibrant signage in front of a local business to the allure of the central water feature, certain aspects of property tend to steal the spotlight. In 2022, we took a look at these showstoppers and explored the details that make them possible.

That pristine yard and those tirelessly beautiful flower beds are thanks to unbelievably precise micro-irrigation. The thoughtful lighting illuminating gently winding walkways didn’t happen by chance—it is the work of a fine gardener. The details matter, and they are what elevate a landscape from nice to otherworldly. That’s why details were one of the major themes of 2022.

Tampa bay landscape, like this one, are so special and unique. Tampa Bay Landscapes are Unique

There’s no question that Florida is a special place. It is far different from any other state in our beloved America, and some of those distinctive characteristics can dramatically affect landscaping. The temperate climate facilitates creativity thanks to the ability of many plants to thrive in the Florida environment. At the same time, heat stress is a legitimate concern that demands appropriate action.

Whether it sparks thoughts of theme parks or pristine beaches complete with Florida’s iconic palm trees, the Sunshine State is a world of its own. Working with a landscaper who is familiar with Florida’s nuances and intricacies is essential to the health and success of your Tampa Bay property.

Landscaping Changes with the Seasons

Tampa Bay may be known for its consistently blissful weather, but that doesn’t mean the area is without distinct seasons and the challenges that accompany them. Even in Florida, landscaping changes with the seasons, and you must be prepared if your property is to thrive year-round. Spring brings an opportunity to prep your landscape for coming vibrancy. Summer signals heat, flowers, and tourists. Fall is the ideal time to perform maintenance and embrace Autumn colors. Winter, while brief, is a chance to perfect your irrigation system and welcome the holidays with cheery lights and creative decorations.

Florida even has a special season. Unlike other states who are stuck with four, Florida has a fifth—hurricane season. This lovely time of the year necessitates thorough, thoughtful preparation to ensure your property is properly braced for impact.

Commercial Landscapes Demand Special Attention

Tampa Bay commercial properties have a unique opportunity to custom tailor a landscape to suit their exact needs. Whether it’s enhanced curb appeal to attract customers or adding pops of color to help your commercial Tampa Bay landscape stand out from the crowd, 2022 was a year of learning how to elevate properties without breaking the bank.


2022 was a great year for Landcrafters, and we hope yours was full of positivity and growth, as well. We have no doubt that 2023 is full of that same potential. If you would like to discuss your Tampa Bay property, including how to achieve your dream landscape, feel free to reach out to us. Our team of experienced and passionate landscaping experts is ready to help.