Add Value to Your Commercial Property with These Popular Landscape Enhancements

Add Value to Your Commercial Property with These Popular Landscape Enhancements

The landscape that surrounds your commercial property is not separate from it, but an integral piece of the puzzle that creates your business’ image. As a result, enhancing your landscape adds value to your commercial property!

Of course, it can be easy to go overboard or overinvest in landscaping if you’re not familiar with the most cost-effective landscaping upgrades. That’s where Landcrafters, Florida’s 20-year landscaping veterans, can help!

From attracting customers to lifting employee morale, your landscape can be the edge you need to excel! Best of all, the finishing touches don’t have to be expensive. There are several budget-friendly additions you can make that will help your commercial property pop. Check them out below!

The Grass is Always Greener

Florida is overrun with perfectly manicured lawns. We’re not joking; it’s an epidemic. Everywhere you look, beautiful, lush lawns greet your eyes. It’s gorgeous, and yours just doesn’t quite measure up.

The days of grass envy are over. By investing in your commercial property’s lush, green carpet, you can provide your customers and employees alike with a sense of pride, as well as create an enhanced curb appeal for your business.

With the landscaping experts at Landcrafters on your team, you can rest assured the grass you choose will be perfect for your property and the irrigation method used to keep it lively—whether it’s an in-ground system or another option—will work with your property and budget.

The Power of Plants

No landscape is complete without a variety of plants. Whether you’re trying to create the quintessential Florida theme, complete with palm trees and water features, or you want to give your visitors an idyllic garden environment busting with blossoms and shade trees, the role of plants in your landscape cannot be overlooked.

Not only do the right plants add a unique touch to your commercial property, but they also provide a myriad of other benefits. For example, surrounding your business with trees can reduce the amount of direct sunlight that reaches it, reducing interior temperatures and your energy bill!

Plants have also been proven to lift people’s moods when they spend time around them. By giving your guests and employees an outdoor space full of vibrant plant life to enjoy, you could actually be making them healthier!

Perhaps most notable of the effects plants can have on a commercial landscape is the visual appeal. From complementing the natural features of your property and architecture of your building to drawing the eyes of passersby and welcoming visitors in, the bright colors of flowers and inviting nature of organic life can benefit your business beyond your wildest dreams!

A sunny Florida path is seen in this photo with bright spring blooms -- all of these are great examples of what you should plant in your Florid landscape this spring!

Sticks and Stones

Okay, mulch isn’t technically composed of sticks, but you get the point! Mulch, pine straw, and stones can be used decoratively and functionally to enhance the appearance and health of your landscape. While prices vary depending on your location and the materials you select, these features are a cost-effective way to add a classy twist to your landscaping design.

From protecting the bases of trees to stifling the growth of weeds, these aesthetic additions to your property are far from one-trick ponies. In other words, your investment in mulch, pine straw, or stone will pay off in numerous ways!

Light it Up

Florida may be the Sunshine State, but it still gets dark at night. That’s why incorporating proper lighting into your landscape is a great idea. Rather than using sterile, uninteresting lights, consider how you can creatively add lights that are both aesthetic and effective.

The reason for seeking this balance is simple—lighting provides safety, beauty, and ambiance. Proper lighting allows people to safely enjoy your property at all hours and enhances your landscape’s architectural and natural features if positioned correctly.

With the right lighting, your commercial property can be appealing both day and night. Plus, your employees, visitors, nighttime maintenance teams, and so on, can feel confident in their safety no matter what the hour. This alone is worth the investment in nice, thoughtfully chosen, and well-placed lighting.

We hope you enjoyed these quick landscaping tips and tricks that can add value to your commercial property. While barely scratching the surface of the immense potential your commercial landscaping has, these cost-effective changes can enhance your landscape with ease.

For more landscaping ideas, specific insights into how you can reinvent your property, or speak to a Florida landscaping professional, we encourage you to reach out to us via our website or by phone at (727)-201-3947. You can also check out our weekly-updated blog for free! It’s packed with valuable landscaping tips and tricks like those in this article!