10 Modern And Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas For 2018

It’s almost 2018! Well, not really. But, this is a perfect time to start planning for the next year. How will you evolve? Better yet, how will your backyard evolve? You probably feel like your garden can be enhanced to become more attractive and more practical, at the same time. We’re here to help you get inspired. Start imagining all the things you can do to transform your outdoor area. Here are the modern landscaping trends for 2018.

Back To The Nature


This is a trend in architecture and landscaping which is only going to get bigger. Homeowners are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, and they want to enjoy their free time in modern, practical, but, above all, natural surroundings of their own homes. Concrete and steel materials are being replaced by stone and wood. Carefully adding those natural elements can make your garden look extremely cool and inviting. You’ll find it hard to get rid of your guests once you decide to throw a BBQ party in your “new” green area.

Minimalistic Squares And Rectangles

green area

Even though some just don’t like minimalistic architecture or interior design, most people simply fall in love with minimalistic landscape elements. Adding geometric forms such as squares and rectangles of different sizes and heights is the simplest way to completely transform the way your garden looks. You can use these forms when placing outdoor lightning pathways, planters, or when trying to separate the grass from the bushes and trees. This minimalistic change can also be very practical if you decide to create an outdoor room because the simple geometric forms enable you to craft different levels of usable space. Enjoy and get inspired!

placing outdoor lightning pathways

garden looks