How to Get the Best Landscaping Service for Your HOA in Pinellas County, FL

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to prepare your lawn, garden, and property for the season. Where you will get the best green, healthy lawn for your HOA community is by hiring a professional.  Expertly trained landscape professionals can offer you tailored solutions for your HOA, and provide you with expert services and quality care that will help retain the value of your community and ensure that your property has attractive curb-appeal.

With so many options for lawn care and landscaping providers to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which option will be the best fit for your HOA’s needs. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

Know what you want.

Analyze your HOA’s budget for landscaping service and maintenance and start to determine how you can maximize the value of that budget. While some landscaping companies offer special service packages for HOA’s and commercial properties, it’s a good idea to start putting together a list of services that you can anticipate needing for your property.

Service companies may also ask you to provide specifications of your property, such as fertilization and mulching needs, tree needs, work schedule, plot map, etc. Once you’ve figured out what it is that you are looking for in a service provider, you can begin your search!

Talk to your friends and family.

Ask around your neighborhood, friend group, family and see if there are any landscaping companies that your peers recommend or can vouch for. You can also take a walk or drive around and identify which lawns and properties are appealing to you. Notice if there is a lawn sign displayed with the contact information for their landscaping company.

Do research.

When researching landscaping services in Pinellas County, you’ll want to visit their websites, make sure that they offer all of the services that you are looking for, and read reviews or testimonials from their other clients. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp are great resources to use because you can often find true client feedback and reviews about the services they’ve received from that company. Research all of your local options and start to compare them to each other. Is there one that stands out from the rest?

Ask questions.

After you’ve completed your research, select a few companies and collect bids from each of them. You’ll want to have an in-person meeting with each company’s representative to walk the property and ask questions. Are you licensed and insured? How long have you been doing business for? Can you handle all of my property’s needs? These are the type of questions that you can ask your potential landscaping service provider to offer some insight and background about their business. If your selected companies don’t provide you with references, ask if they can provide you with some and call them. You’ll also want to ask if their employees are screened and background checked so you can know that the employees working on your property are trustworthy and safe.

Establish an open line of communication.

When talking to landscape service providers, you’ll want to get a sense of their professionalism and responsiveness and ask if you’ll have a designated account manager or contact that is readily available. Down the road, you’ll need to be able to count on this person to do quality control and make sure that your HOA’s expectations and standards are met. A dedicated team will go beyond regular maintenance and ensure that your HOA’s property is everything that you’ve ever dreamed of.

Hire the most qualified.

After researching and questioning, determine which professionals are right for your HOA. Don’t just choose the least expensive option because the cheapest route isn’t always the best route to choose, especially in this industry! Make sure that you get all of your proposals and quotes for services in writing and that you understand exactly what the terms and fees are to avoid any confusion or surprises down the road.

Once you’ve chosen a landscaping partner, you can rest knowing that your HOA community is being taken care of and your community residents have a great place to live and enjoy the outdoors.

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