The Best Groundcover for your Tampa Bay landscape

Crafting an idyllic Tampa Bay landscape may seem simple. A little grass here, some palm trees there, maybe a few flowering plants for color, and ta-da; you have a magical Florida paradise. While the best professional landscapers in Tampa Bay might make it look this easy, the reality is far from this image of perfection.…

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Trees and Shrubs to Enhance Your Tampa Bay Landscape

Florida falls victim to the woes of any place with gorgeous (and highly publicized) coastlines. There is a pervading misconception that the entire state is limited to white sand beaches and swaying palm trees. While we wouldn’t complain much if that were the case, the reality is Florida is home to far more diverse fauna…

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The Best Grass Types to Consider for Your Tampa Bay Landscape

The flashy things in Florida tend to receive all the attention and hype. Theme parks, stunning beaches, hurricanes, and alligators seem to be atop most people’s lists of quintessential Florida things. We can’t blame them, either—Florida has many exciting claims to fame. When it comes to the everyday elements of the Sunshine State—the things that…

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Lighting as Visual Appeal of HOA Commercial Landscaping in Tampa Bay

With sunshine aplenty and a climate that lends itself to year-round beauty, Tampa Bay is a wonderland for those who love beautiful landscapes and endless summer. The tourism industry speaks to this appeal, as do the many HOA communities where people embrace the Florida lifestyle in style. In large part, it is these commercial HOA…

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Why Add Landscaping Elements into Tampa Bay HOA Landscaping

Florida isn’t just theme parks and sandy beaches (though those are great in their own right). The Sunshine State has much more to offer to visitors and residents alike. As professional landscapers in the Tampa Bay area for more than 20 years, we are preferential toward the pristine commercial properties that define the area. The…

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Tampa Bay Landscaping Maintenance Plans from Landcrafters

Tampa Bay is home to some of the most stunning commercial and residential landscapes in the country. Florida’s temperate year-round climate lends itself to 12 months of pristine properties, giving businesses, residents, and visitors wonderful experiences time after time. Beautiful landscapes don’t pop up overnight, even in the Sunshine State. They take planning, strategy, and…

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Why Landcrafters Splits Pruning and Mowing Services

There are few things more satisfying than strolling about a pristine Tampa Bay landscape as you soak up the sunshine, bask in the breeze off the bay, and immerse yourself in Florida’s sights and sounds. Perhaps we’re a bit biased—we are professional landscapers, after all—but those things go together better than peanut butter and jelly.…

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Landscaping for Privacy in HOA Commercial Properties in Tampa Bay

Creating a commercial HOA property in Tampa Bay requires a comprehensive approach to landscaping. From crafting outdoor gathering places to maintaining safe, well-lit walkways, there is a myriad of vital aspects to consider when establishing a plan, developing a property, and maintaining a pristine HOA landscape. Proper HOA landscaping can benefit your community in a…

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What is Production Mapping? How Landcrafters Uses Production Mapping

Commercial landscaping in Tampa Bay is a game of balance. The best professional landscapers find harmony between efficiency and detail orientation, growth and maintenance, traditional methods and cutting-edge technology, and more. Landcrafters strives to embody the best of all worlds, and this commitment to its craft is reflected in how it does business. From creating…

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