Plants that are Poisonous to Pets: Plants to Avoid on Pet-Friendly Properties

Creating an idyllic landscape is an involved process from conceptualization all the way to maintenance. It can be easy to get wrapped up in designing the ultimate curb appeal, creating privacy, or trying to make a client’s dreams come to life. So easy, in fact, that important details can slip through the cracks. When a…

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Why Your Vacation Rental Property Management Company Needs a Pro Landscaper

Why Your Vacation Rental Property Management Company Needs a Pro Landscaper The world of travel has evolved significantly in recent years, largely thanks to the advent of technology and the ability to rent properties to travelers of all types with ease and efficiency. As a result, the vacation rental property business has boomed, and more…

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Creating a Landscape Oasis: The Best Tropical Leaves for Landscaping

Florida has a reputation for being a vacation wonderland. From the theme parks to the beaches, everything about Florida screams relaxation and good vibes. Sunshine is never in short supply, the ocean is a steady source of smiles, and that soft sand between your toes will leave you craving more. So, how do you bring…

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Five Essential Florida Landscape Design Elements

Florida is renowned for its beaches, amusement parks, and lush landscapes. There’s just something iconic about palm trees, well-manicured lawns, vibrant pops of colorful flowers, and the sunshine that ties them all together. While the properties that stand out may make these gorgeous landscapes look easy and natural—almost as if they sprung up one stormy…

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Your Guide to Permeable Landscape Pavers

In a modern landscaping world that goes to extremes to create properties that blend natural, developed, and eco-friendly elements, every detail is given the utmost attention. While certain elements tend to steal the show—we’re looking at you, beautiful flowering plants—the other features are equally (if not more) important. This delicate balance between usability, environmentalism, aesthetics,…

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Understanding Plant Growth Regulators

Plant Growth Regulators: What They Are & How They Enhance Your Landscape You’ve probably heard of genetically modified plants, primarily in the context of agriculture. Whether you’ve watched a documentary detailing how you’ll grow extra toes if you eat genetically modified plants, or you’re just excited about bigger strawberries, the world of genetically modified plants…

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