Skeptical of Your Landscape Provider?

As Pinellas-area professionals who understand the Florida landscape industry is a tough gig, we certainly don’t encourage you to give your landscape crew a hard time without cause. Florida is hot, humid, and salty --- combination that isn’t necessarily ideal for the greenest, lushest, most gorgeous landscape around. That being said, creating, developing, and maintaining…
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10 Florida-Friendly Trees and Shrubs to Plant on Your Property

If you’ve lived in Florida, specifically on the Gulf Coast of Florida, for any amount of time, you might be under the impression that you’re limited to local, if not boring, floral and fauna. The numerous reasons are running through your head: it’s too hot, it’s too humid, it’s too salty, it’s too this, it’s…
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Our Top 4 Considerations for Landscaping Around Religious Campuses

When you think of a church, or any religious campus, it’s probably that the overall atmosphere should promote peace, well-being, and a general easiness in feeling. Churches are religious campuses typically make every effort to enhance their warm, welcoming, and peaceful environment, so why wouldn’t the landscape design be incorporated into that? When it comes…
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