Landscaping Drainage Systems for Your Pool 101

Picture it. It’s one of those glorious, Florida afternoons. The sun is shining, you’re floating free as can be in the pool. You’re loving every minute of it. Then the thunder rolls and the lightning cracks and suddenly you’re scrambling out of the pool and into the house in order to beat the rain. And…
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Landscape Around Your Pool: Everything You Need to Know

You stare at your inground pool in your lovely (albeit plainly landscaped) backyard and you see a world of possibilities. Will you create a lush, Tropical, Florida wonderland? Do you plan to design a modern-yet-modest landscape plan? What will you do for shade? Will you add flowerbeds? Palm trees! You have to have palm trees,…
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Why Raising and Lifting a Tree Canopy is Important (and Why We Include it in Our Landscape Management Routine)

You’ve heard of tree pruning before, right? As a commercial property owner, a residential home owner, or even if you’ve rented property with trees, you know that the limbs, canopies, and branches don’t spruce up themselves – they require special work from companies like us to ensure that the tree is kept healthy, efficient, and…
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Top 2018 Trends for Your Commercial Space: From Landscaping to Maintenance, We’ve Got You Covered

We’re a few months into 2018, so you might be thinking to yourself, isn’t this article coming a bit late? Truthfully, for as swiftly and continuously as maintenance and landscaping trends change, a month-by-month update is probably more in order than a year-by-year article, so rest assured we’re keeping the most relevant trends, fads, and…
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Property Managers and Owners: This Water Guide is for You

Take a moment and look out over the property you own or manage. Soak in the view and appreciate your surroundings, but then, ask yourself a vital question – what sort of water management system do I have set up? If you’ve never asked yourself this before, we can only assume you just moved to…
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Sustainable Landscape Ideas for Your Property

We know that maintaining a happy, healthy yard (especially one with amazing curb appeal) is high on your priority list – and hey, as experts in the landscaping business, we certainly don’t blame you. There’s nothing we value more than a good-looking property (especially if we’re helping it thrive with our services). That being said,…
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Tips for Fertilizing Your Lawn This Spring

It might go without saying, but since we’re the landscaping professionals over here, we’re going to say it anyway – Spring is the best season (hands down) to fertilize your lawn and garden. Not only will your lawn (likely) get all the additional moisture it needs (spring showers, right?), the soil also warms up, reaching…
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