8 Landscaping Ideas To Really Boost Curb Appeal

Let’s talk about high-impact landscaping and why it might do wonders for YOUR garden. Whether you would like to increase the value of your property prior to the upcoming sale, or simply to quickly reinvent your outdoor space – high-impact landscaping is a solution. There are dozens of different, interesting ideas to transform your garden’s…

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Why Tailored Landscaping Helps Businesses Save Money

By now, almost all businesses across the United States have come to understand the importance of maintaining their landscapes in the perfect shape. This seemingly small change can help attract new customers, clients, and tenants, and make the stay more enjoyable to the current ones. It helps strengthen the brand image. Amazing landscapes help create…

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Are Your Garden Plants Dangerous To Your Pet?

A lot of people are genuinely shocked when they find out some of the garden plants they enjoy looking at – are actually dangerous to their pets. But, the biggest problem is they usually find that out by having to take their pet to the veterinarian after it’s been poisoned. Since your four-legged friends (especially…

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Save Money By Checking Your Landscape’s Storm-Preparedness

During the recent years, we’ve witnessed a lot of near-catastrophic storms not only in the United States, but all over the world. According to most of the scientists exploring and studying weather patterns and climate changes, things are only going to get worse over the next couple of decades. Unfortunately, Florida’s micro location ensures most…

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How To Prepare Your Garden For A Violent Storm

Unfortunately, violent storms are bound to happen. Some parts of the US are prone to being hit by hurricanes, some by tornados, some by snow storms, and most by heavy rain storms. And there’s nothing we can do to stop them from happening. Actually, many credible scientific institutions believe the storms are only going to…

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The Easiest Way To Maximize Your Estate’s Market Value

One should really be able to dig deep and analyze the trends thoroughly in order to truly “get” the unwritten laws of the real estate market. But, one thing is certain. The Florida real estate market is extremely competitive. There is always a demand for a quality property, especially in certain areas of our sunny…

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Keep Your Lawn Green During The Summer Heat

Florida summertime can be really harsh on the plants in your yard, especially on the grass. That’s why so many lawns seem to die out during the drought, turning yellow and almost dusty. However, you can always see properties whose lawns look like lush green carpets, even though other ones in the area looks terrible.…

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5 Smart Tips & Tricks To Grow A Perfect Garden

You feel like your garden is missing something. You feel like it needs just a couple of things improved in order to reach the full potential. The potential of being a perfect outdoor space for you and your family. Well, you’re most likely completely right. One thing unique to our yards and landscapes, is that…

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Why Its So Important To Have Your Trees And Plants Pruned

Let’s start with the basics. Pruning (often mistaken for trimming) is when you cut away dead or overgrown branches or stems. There are many reasons why pruning the plants located throughout your outdoor area is smart (and necessary). Some of the reasons may surprise you, but some are going to be really obvious. We’ll start…

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What To Look For When Choosing Lawn Mowing Service

How often do you pass by some property that has buildings surrounded by a beautiful green terrain, almost looking like a green carpet? Not that often, right? Well, it’s no wonder. Properly and regularly maintaining your lawn and turf takes up a lot of time, especially if those areas are large. But, other than being…

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Why Should You Check Your Water System This Summer

There are two sides of a summertime in Florida. The first one is simply amazing. Everything seems to slow down, people are smiling more, and you suddenly somehow have more time to enjoy life. Yet, there is also that other side nobody likes. The weather can turn from perfect to disastrous very quickly. And we’re…

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