10 Florida-Friendly Trees and Shrubs to Plant on Your Property

If you’ve lived in Florida, specifically on the Gulf Coast of Florida, for any amount of time, you might be under the impression that you’re limited to local, if not boring, floral and fauna. The numerous reasons are running through your head: it’s too hot, it’s too humid, it’s too salty, it’s too this, it’s…
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Our Top 4 Considerations for Landscaping Around Religious Campuses

When you think of a church, or any religious campus, it’s probably that the overall atmosphere should promote peace, well-being, and a general easiness in feeling. Churches are religious campuses typically make every effort to enhance their warm, welcoming, and peaceful environment, so why wouldn’t the landscape design be incorporated into that? When it comes…
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We Want War – On Weeds, That Is

They are the bane of your gardening and lawn maintaining existence. They creep and crawl their way into your flower beds, inching ever-closer to your prized blooms, threating to choke the life and light out of your gorgeous, thriving, painstakingly-cared for plants. They’re weeds, and they’re coming for your lawn no matter what. It feels…
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Pre-Winter Irrigation Measurements: Don’t Miss Out on These Considerations!

We know what you’re thinking, “we’re Floridians – what winter are you talking about?”. You make a fair point, and we respect what you’re thinking, but hear us out. Despite our warm winters, we’re still experiencing temperatures that are colder than our plants and lawns are used to, and we’ll certainly experience a lot of…
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Hospital Landscaping–How You Can Provide a Healing Environment

When you picture a beautiful, lush, and thriving garden full of trees, flourishing plants, and colorful pops of flowers everywhere, we’re sure your mind drifts off into a state of peace, enjoyment, and relaxation. This thought, that beauty in the form of landscape can help create a positive sense of environment or alter the state…
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Landscaping Mistakes that Can Affect Your Property’s Security

Creating a beautiful, vibrant, and eye-catching landscape for your property –whether commercial or residential, is typically the top concern when it comes to designing a lawn or a campus. While those considerations are highly important (why create a beautiful landscape if it can’t be enjoyed or help you reap other benefits?), there are dozens of…
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The Must-Have Tips & Tricks for Landscape Around Your Signage

We don’t intend to put an inordinate amount of pressure on you when we say this, but as landscape professionals, we feel it’s our duty to let you know something we consider pretty significant  – your property’s signage makes an important first impression for your business. Often, the signage that greets your customers, potential clients,…
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The Top 5 No-Go’s for Revamping Your Commercial Landscape

No matter what sort of industry you’re in, it goes without saying that you want your commercial landscape to look professional, well-strategized, and to make a perfect first impression. Utilizing professional landscaping services can make all the difference in the world for your commercial property, and not just when it comes to creating the perfect…
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