Tips for Fertilizing Your Lawn This Spring

It might go without saying, but since we’re the landscaping professionals over here, we’re going to say it anyway – Spring is the best season (hands down) to fertilize your lawn and garden. Not only will your lawn (likely) get all the additional moisture it needs (spring showers, right?), the soil also warms up, reaching…
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The Best Trees for Your Parking Lots and Paved Areas

We know what you’re thinking – “any tree is fine for a parking lot, so long as it provides some shade.” Right? Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case. While it’s probably one of the most common conclusions to jump to, not all trees are big, strong, and created equally, in fact, some trees are a…
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Skeptical of Your Landscape Provider?

As Pinellas-area professionals who understand the Florida landscape industry is a tough gig, we certainly don’t encourage you to give your landscape crew a hard time without cause. Florida is hot, humid, and salty --- combination that isn’t necessarily ideal for the greenest, lushest, most gorgeous landscape around. That being said, creating, developing, and maintaining…
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