Our Top Four Considerations for Landscaping Around Religious Campuses

When you think of a church, or any religious campus, it’s probably that the overall atmosphere should promote peace, well-being, and a general easiness in feeling. Churches are religious campuses typically make every effort to enhance their warm, welcoming, and peaceful environment, so why wouldn’t the landscape design be incorporated into that? When it comes…
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We Want War – On Weeds, That Is

They are the bane of your gardening and lawn maintaining existence. They creep and crawl their way into your flower beds, inching ever-closer to your prized blooms, threating to choke the life and light out of your gorgeous, thriving, painstakingly-cared for plants. They’re weeds, and they’re coming for your lawn no matter what. It feels…
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Hand Watering vs. Irrigation – Which is Better?

If you run in landscaping or lawn crafting circles like we do, you probably already know the heavy back and forth, tennis-match-type debate that goes on when referring to hand watering versus irrigation. The questions are endless – what makes the most sense for you? What’s your landscape like? Do you have a newly crafted…
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The Ultimate Guide for Landscaping Your Office Building

When you look at your commercial property campus, what do you notice? Are you filled with joy? Do you feel peace walking the pathway toward your office, or are you overcome with a passé feeling of boredom and dread? We’ve got news for you, friends. Office building landscapes don’t have to be boring (even if…
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Boring Common Area Landscape? It’s Time to Jazz it Up!

Take a good hard look at your commercial property – do you see a common area that invites, welcomes, and encourages people to sit, stay, eat, and enjoy? Do you see a beautifully landscaped, well-strategized lounging area that encourages your guests to sit outside and enjoy? Are you missing out on the whole “common area”…
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The Must-Have Tips and Tricks for Landscape Around Your Signage

We don’t intend to put an inordinate amount of pressure on you when we say this, but as landscape professionals, we feel it’s our duty to let you know something we consider pretty significant  – your property’s signage makes an important first impression for your business. Often, the signage that greets your customers, potential clients,…
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