6 Factors that Affect the Cost of Commercial Landscape Management

Six Factors that Influence the Cost of Commercial Landscape Management


Florida businesses and residential communities have the rare pleasure of crafting their landscapes to their precise specifications to match their architecture, convey a message to their patrons or residents, or simply complement the natural beauty for which the state is known. Whatever your vibe, Florida’s environment can likely sustain the plant life necessary to achieve it!

Of course, Florida is also home to inclement weather, scorching afternoons, and a myriad of other factors that make caring for your landscape anything but a walk in the park. As a business or residential community, you undoubtedly want to find a balance between a pristine appearance and a cost-effective landscape maintenance plan.

That’s what we’re here for—to bring into the light the six paramount factors that influence the cost of maintaining your commercial landscape. Knowledge is power, or so they say, so read on to gain a bit of both!

Finding a Balance

Not every property requires the full suite of services at a high frequency, and a trustworthy commercial landscape management company will be honest and straightforward about what services and frequency your site does need. They will also have an open dialogue with you about your expectations and how they can be met in a realistic, budget-friendly manner.

This is where the true value of working with a commercial landscape management company lies—in the relationship formed and the openness established between both parties. A healthy dynamic sets both sides up for long-term success, including an easier transition to any adaptation to maintenance that may occur in the future.

You should feel comfortable communicating what services you think your property needs and what additional services you want. Depending on your property, there are likely a handful of ways that you can retain those services while finding the best bang for your buck, including reducing the frequency of certain services, adjusting your maintenance schedule seasonally, and choosing landscaping materials that look great and perform well at a budget price.


The most valuable—and therefore, most expensive—factor in the cost of commercial landscape management is the people doing the work. The labor requirement of your site will dictate how many of our team members need to be allocated to the job and how long they will be there.

This relates to the factors mentioned in “Location(s),” as the complexity and magnitude of the project directly correlates with how many people and time will be required to maintain your property. Trees, rough terrain, elaborate landscaping features, and even pests can all lead to more required effort and higher costs.

Current Landscape Condition

The state of your property will directly affect the cost of its maintenance. Imagine the amount of work and the required resources necessary to fix leaky sprinkler systems, washouts, infestations, or overgrown underbrush. A situation like this would need to be rectified before the property could possibly be maintained.


Consider the property that needs maintaining. Is it a large area? Does it have unusual features, such rough terrain or oddly shaped structures? Does your business have multiple properties that require care?

All these factors must be taken into account because they directly influence the amount of time and work maintenance will involve. For example, a wide-open field will take far less time and effort to maintain than a sloped hill with numerous mulched islands containing trees—even if they are the same size!


The professionalism and reputability of a company can often be seen in its pricing. This isn’t to say that you can’t strike a balance between budget-friendly and high-quality work, only that if pricing seems too low to be true, it probably is. The perceived discount on your end has to come from somewhere, and often that somewhere is cut corners.

Maintaining proper certifications, holding your company to the most stringent standards and safety records, and doing things in a thorough nature all requires money. A professional, reputable company will cover these and other vital aspects of business that a less-expensive option may overlook. In the end, you get what you pay for and you can save money in more effective, less risky ways!


We’ve been referring to commercial landscape management as some mysterious catchall term, but there are very specific individual services that all fall under the umbrella of management. The number of services your property requires, the frequency of individual services, and the level of involvement required by those services will all influence the cost of maintenance.

If your site only needs basic mowing and edging, it will be less expensive to maintain than a property that also requires fertilization, pruning, and sprinkler system adjustment. There is more to this than just the time it takes to perform each task, too. Consider the specialized equipment that is needed, as well as the expertise required to operate that equipment!

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Frequency of Visits

We’re not sure if the person who first coined “time is money” was talking about landscaping, but there’s a good chance they were. How often a property requires maintenance—from once a day to twice a month—has a huge impact on the cost of landscape upkeep.

Consider the gas that has to be purchased, equipment that needs to be transported, workers that must be allocated, and time out of the workday that each visit requires—it’s substantial! How often we visit depends on what your desires and expectations for your property are, of course, and can be affected by a variety of factors.

If you have high-traffic areas—think of the entryway to a prominent beach resort, for example—you will likely need more frequent maintenance. The same is true of more demanding plant life—some species simply require more attention! Then again, you may have a property that requires minimal maintenance, which can save you money.

Types of Services Included

It’s important to note that note all services come with the same costs or demand the same frequency.  Ornamental plant trimming may occur more frequently in high visibility areas—say once every three weeks—while other areas of the property may only require trimming every six weeks to two months. If, for example, your property received 40 visits a year, the services performed on each visit will vary!

Some properties may also have restrictions on the day and time that landscaping work can be performed, effectively raising the cost. Working overtime, at night, or on weekends can incur premium pricing.

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