Commercial Landscape Upgrades That Are Budget and Environmentally Friendly

Save Your Money, Save the World:

Commercial Landscape Upgrades That Are Budget and Environmentally Friendly

Your commercial landscape performs several tasks at once, even if some of those purposes are obvious or are easy to overlook.

For example, it looks great, attracts potential customers, and provides employees with some joy. It acts as a beacon to the world that gives the first impression you want your business to have and helps keep your property and buildings in tiptop shape by preventing excessive runoff and soil displacement.

If your landscape is already multitasking, why not lean into it by ensuring any enhancements you add do more than just look nice?

At Landcrafters, we believe that your commercial landscape enhancements and management should offer several advantages at once, including benefiting your budget and the environment! Not only will doing so be easier on your wallet, but it will help the greater good and portray your business as an environmentally conscious entity. That’s a win-win-win!

Play to Your Strengths

Florida facilitates the growth of a wide variety of plants, both native and exotic. That does not mean, however, that all plants are equally suited for Florida’s climate and soil.

While certain non-native plants may tempt you with their flair and unique properties, they are often more demanding in terms of care. This means they require more maintenance, consume more resources, and can ultimately be a drain on your budget and the environment.

Native plants, on the other hand, tend to thrive in their native conditions. Among the numerous advantages they offer are less watering, more wildlife, and lower demand for maintenance. In other words, they contribute to a viable ecosystem rather than pulling resources from it!

Go Wild

Speaking of native plants, it’s time to expand the horizons of what is considered commercial landscape worthy. Florida is overflowing with gorgeous wildflowers that provide bursts of color and tremendous coverage.

By embracing the idea of wildflowers as commercial landscape material, you can save quite a bit of cash while also saving the planet. Wildflowers occur so naturally in Florida that they require almost no irrigation or maintenance.

As a bonus, they are also fantastic for preventing erosion and create a heaven-on-earth situation for pollinators (such as bees)!

Plant Perennials

We all know the appeal of annuals. They are the gold standard of beauty in the world of flowers thanks to their vibrant blooms and undeniable natural attraction. However, they must be replaced up to three times a year!

You have to buy new plants, remove the old ones, install the new ones, and then keep them happy and healthy with thorough maintenance. That’s a lot of effort, money, and time.

Perennials only need to be planted one time, and once they’re installed, they will return every year to light up your landscape with blooms. They also require far less water than annuals, saving you even more money and preserving the environment! The good news? Landcrafters is always offering amazing discounts and deals on annuals. This way, you can adjust your landscape without ever breaking your budget!

Go with Gravel

While a fresh layer of mulch admittedly looks stellar, there are more budget and environmentally-friendly options.

Much must be replaced multiple times a year, making it a routine expense that adds up significantly over time. By opting for the one-time expense of white gravel or even light-colored stones, you can reduce your annual commercial landscape budget.

You can even choose to use white gravel in parking areas to reduce the intensification of the Florida sun, often called the “heat island effect.” Doing so is great for the climate!


No matter what your budget may be or the enhancements you have in mind for your commercial landscape, discussing the possibilities with a landscape professional is the best way to determine where appearance, budget, and environment can intersect.

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