The Top 6 Tips for Landscape Improvements That Will Make Your Guest Stay Longer (Really!)

The Top 6 Tips for Landscape Improvements That Will Make Your Guest Stay Longer (Really!)

If you read the title of this blog and rolled your eyes, we don’t blame you—kinda sounds like a clickbait-y scheme, right? How could a few potted plants and a fresh cut lawn make your visitors want to stick around your commercial establishment longer and spend more money than they might initially have?

Listen up, friends. As Florida landscape experts, we’re here to tell you that this post is not some silly click-bait scam. Believe it or not, your landscape makes a sincere impact on whether or not a customer wants to enter your building, hang in your building, and even make a purchase.

Why? Because environment is everything.

You probably already understand that point to some degree, right? That’s why the inside of your commercial establishment is cutting-edge, super comfortable, and very on-brand. Here’s a newsflash, though. Your brand message doesn’t start when a customer walks inside—it starts from the very moment their attention is drawn to your storefront, your hotel, your warehouse, etc.

In other words, it all starts outside—so, you’re going to want to ensure sure your landscape is not only making a great first impression but is also keeping clients’ attention (to keep them around longer to spend money!)

Not sure where to start? No sweat—read up on a few of our fave tips below. Remember, these are just some inspiration to get you started, we’ve got hundreds of tricks up our sleeve to help you create the ultimate landscape for your commercial space.


Your Irrigation System is Everything—No, Seriously

This sounds like a really boring way to kick off the list, right? Well, sure. But hear us out before you exit the page. Irrigation is the cornerstone of a healthy landscape, and a healthy landscape is the cornerstone of a visitor-attracting landscape.

Makes sense, right? When was the last time you looked at a brown lawn and wilting flowers and thought, “wow, I’d love to go check that place out!”

Probably never.

If your irrigation system is off, you could be stuck dealing with all kinds of issues like over-watering, hot spots, dry areas, and wilting flora and fauna. Ultimately, without proper irrigation, you can’t make any of your landscaping dreams come true—it’s the first step to commercial landscape success. So, basically, it’s critical.

In fact, we’re so sure that irrigation is going to be so incredibly life-changing for your commercial space (and effectively keep people around to spend more money) we’re adding in every resource we have on irrigation. That’s right, we’re giving you our full guide below for irrigation tips, tricks, and advice (we’ve even got some sweet tip sheets to check out!)

Seasonal Changes Make All the Difference

Don’t let your landscape become stagnant—keep up with the seasonal changes. Yeah, that’s right, Florida has seasons! No, we don’t have quite the seasonality that other states do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring fall colors, winter aesthetic, or springtime cheer to your Florida commercial landscape. Switch out flower beds, add in décor, and make your commercial landscape current and in-season!

Add in Something for The Kids & Families

Unless you’re specifically not targeting kids and families for your commercial space (or it doesn’t fit your brand or aesthetic), it can be a wise move to add in features that can entertain the kiddos. Why? Because an entertained kid means totally relaxed adults who finally get a chance to breathe, enjoy their time, and shop around (and effectively spend money). Plus, the longer the kids are entertained, the more time those parents will be willing to spend in your space—that’s a distinction we simply cannot ignore, right?

There are so many unique ways to make parts of your landscape kid and family-friendly, but we suggest adding fun things like play zones, splash pads, butterfly gardens, and walking trails. For more ideas, check out our blog post right here about family-friendly landscape amenities that kids usually love!

Keep Up With What’s Trending

In short, don’t fall behind. Whatever the current trends are, it’s crucial to know them. No, you don’t need to update your landscape every time a fad circulates the landscaping industry but knowing what’s hot and what’s not is key so you can implement new changes when they’re necessary (or just plain good ideas).

Here are a few commercial landscaping trends you should have on your radar!

Don’t Forget to Fertilize

Believe us when we tell you this is a hugely important step for creating the ultimate commercial landscape. Seriously trust us, your commercial landscape needs fertilizer. When you fertilize your commercial lawn, you can bet your landscape is going to perk up ASAP—that means immediate results for immediate client attention. You can’t put a price on that type of fast-acting delivery. The best part? The more you keep up with this facet of your landscape maintenance, the better off you’ll be!

Check out our tip sheet for here for all the Florida fertilizing knowledge you need to get yourself started.

Make Small Changes for Big Improvements

Remind yourself that even when your landscape is lookin’ grand, upkeep and improvement are both parts of a never-ending cycle. Even making tiny, do-it-yourself, landscape projects on a regular basis can have an enormous impact on your commercial landscape. From small, seasonal spruces to fresh flowers to updated your groundcover, there are lots of small wins you can implement to consistently keep your landscape lookin’ fierce. Check out a few of our favorite quick fixes right here.


Ready to create an exceptionally appealing commercial landscape and keep your clients around longer? Let’s do this thing together! Landcrafters is pleased to bring you these helpful tips, but we want you to know that there are plenty more where these came from—and we’re happy to share them all with you!

Reach out to us directly via our contact page right here or give us a call at (727)-201-3540 for quotes, questions, and more information—we can’t wait to hear from you (and get our hands on your landscape!)