Common Commercial Landscaping Issues & How to Fix Them ASAP

Common Commercial Landscaping Issues & How to Fix Them ASAP

As a commercial business owner—whether it’s a small retail shop or an enormous luxury resort—you understand that how your commercial business looks is just as important as how you treat your customers. Because to be honest, in your customers’ eyes, those two factors are basically the same thing.

If you’re not taking care of your commercial property, your customers are going to see that, and as a result, they’re not going to feel valued, appreciated, or like you’re putting your best foot forward to impress them (and snag their business).

In that case, letting your commercial landscaping fall to the wayside? Well, that’s a big no-no—and it’s something your customers and consumers will notice.

Maintenance is everything when it comes to commercial landscape, especially if clients regularly visit your property. Don’t get us wrong, we understand that landscape can’t be your only focus—you’ve got a business to run, after all.

But maintaining your commercial landscape requires commitment, dedication, and the willingness to tackle ongoing and seasonal projects. Ask yourself—is this something you’re taking care of correctly?

If you’re not sure how to answer that question, it might be because you’re unsure of what qualifies as maintenance. And if that’s the case, don’t sweat it. That’s what we’re here to help with.

Our suggestion? Read through our blog below and get a feel for some of the main issues that commercial landscapes deal with on a regular basis. If you stick around, we can promise we’ll even offer some intuitive solutions to help you nip those issues in the bud!

A bright pink bloom can be seen in the Florida landscape, crafted by Landcrafters, an expert lanscaping service in the Florida area.


Trip-and-Fall Hazards

Walkways, exposed tree roots, an unruly garden—you name a hazard, and your guests can (and probably will) trip over it. Your customers’ safety is everything, partly because you care, sure, but also partly because if you don’t focus on keeping them safe, they could throw a liability lawsuit at you that could drain your finances or ruin your reputation. Either way, doesn’t sound fun, right?

Your walkways probably weren’t designed to be a hazard, but time and use can turn them into a tripping nightmare. Why? Because the soil beneath your walkways are made of natural, active ground, and that ground is subject to change with weather conditions. Soils shift and settle, rainfall weakens concrete, grading becomes less reliable. These issues aren’t necessarily your fault but putting off fixing them to make a hazard unavoidable.

How can you fix it? Focus on safety from the start. Think about using things like pavers as opposed to concrete or asphalt so they can adjust with the ground as it settles. You can also make sure that you’re regularly walking the grounds to ensure that your steppingstones, pathways, and more are level. Further, you’ll want to do a thorough audit of your exposed tree roots because—you guessed it—those are another pedestrian obstacle that tends to cause issues.

Subpar Irrigation

Irrigation is everything in Florida—but you probably already know that. You’d be surprised to hear just how many commercial properties struggle with irrigation. And honestly, this isn’t always due to the irrigation system being a bad system—sometimes excellent irrigation systems go wrong because they’re damaged, they age out, or an undiagnosed issue has gone unchecked.

The best thing you can do for your commercial property is to find a reliable landscaping partner to do an irrigation audit to help you pinpoint the issues in your commercial landscape’s irrigation system.

Bad Drainage

This problem plagues more commercial landscapes than you might think! Bad drainage can ruin your landscape, cause flooding, and create unpleasant puddles in your parking lots and common areas.

Avoid this situation by doing regular walk-throughs of your property to identify where the water run-off is becoming a concern. Then, try to develop better infrastructure—you can re-grade, raise planting areas, or find other unique solutions to redirect water.

Dim or Broken Lights

If you love your commercial property, light it up! Providing good, ample lighting offers you more benefits than you might imagine. Customers will be able to see the landscape in front of them and can avoid tripping, a well-lit area is substantially safer than a dark, dim area, and further, it adds to the aesthetic of your landscape, too.

Don’t be afraid to accent your landscape with unique colors and styles of lighting, but make sure that ultimately you’re accomplishing the task of setting up a well-lit area that’s safe and beautiful.



Do you find that your commercial landscaping is dealing with one or some (or even worse, all) of these problems? Don’t sweat it. Landcrafters can help. Though we absolutely love working with our residential clients, Landcrafters is proud to have a landscaping department that’s fully dedicated to commercial businesses just like yours!

That means that, when it comes to the problems that typically plague commercial landscapes, our team is well acquainted with whatever issue arises. And more than that, we can solve any problem you might have in a snap!

Reach out to Landcrafters today to get a better picture of how we can help you solve any commercial landscaping issues you might be facing. Even better, contact us now for a quote, a brainstorming session, or to ask any questions you might have. We’re here to help!

Give us a call at (727)-201-3540 or reach out to us directly via our contact page.

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