Common Sprinkler Problems and How You Can Fix Them

If you’re like us—or most other Floridians—you likely consider sprinkler systems the eighth wonder of the world. Not only do they automatically water your lawn to keep it as lush and green as possible, but they also allow you to sit in your air-conditioned home instead of standing in the summer heat with a water hose. That’s better than a win-win. That’s a miracle.

As the adage says, though, no good thing can stay—without maintenance, that is! Sprinkler systems inevitably fail. Pipes leak, heads malfunction, and the list goes on. Worse still, it seems that those issues always occur when you most need your precious landscaping to be hydrated!

From dried out shrubbery to exorbitant water bills, problems with your sprinkler system are not something to take lightly. That’s why we’ve put together this brief guide to common sprinkler problems and provided a few potential solutions to them. Read on to conserve water, save money, and preserve the miracle of automated lawn care.

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Pipe Problems

While the sprinkler heads get all the glory, the pipes are hidden underground doing all the hard work. If any of these background heroes suffers damage, the entirety of the system will have issues. From drops in water pressure to unseen leaks that cause your water bill to skyrocket, pipe problems should be found and addressed as quickly as possible!

Unfortunately, issues with pipes are some of the most common problems a sprinkler system can experience. This, coupled with the tremendous impact such damages can have on your system and your checkbook, make closely monitoring and promptly fixing broken pipes essential. Some modern sprinkler systems can actually self-monitor and alert you to any potential problems. Of course, it never hurts to have a professional come check your system for faults, weak points, or areas of concern, especially if you have an older system!


We’ve all had a good laugh at a malfunctioning sprinkler head pouring its heart out to a sidewalk or spraying directly into a stop sign. Comedy aside, a broken or otherwise improperly working sprinkler head can cause serious issues in your system and waste tremendous amounts of water and money. As such, it’s vital that you keep an eye on potential problems—but don’t worry, they’re not hard to spot!

One of the telltale signs of a malfunctioning sprinkler head is pooling water or no water at all. These two extremes are generally dead giveaways—something is wrong with that head! Whether it needs adjustment or replacement will depend on the underlying issue. It could be loose, blocked, cracked, or maladjusted. Sometimes, a simple examination may reveal the problem; others, a professional’s touch may be needed to diagnose and rectify the problem!

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Not a Rush, But a Trickle

Have you ever tried to fill your morning mug of coffee one drop at a time? Of course not! Not only would that take (almost) forever, but it would also be so infuriating that no one would blame you for smashing that ceramic cup into a million pieces and driving to the nearest Starbucks. Now, imagine your lawn is the cup and the sprinkler system is the slowly dripping coffee. That’s your system with low water pressure!

Not only will low water pressure make your system underperform, but it also is likely a symptom of a more serious issue. It could mean you have a broken pipe, a faulty pump, or a problem with a valve. Low water pressure typically requires the assistance of a professional to diagnose and safely resolve, so be sure to reach out to an experienced expert you trust!

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