Quickly Enhance Your Garden – With Container Planting

Most people think that container gardening is reserved only for the people whose garden is too small, or filled with a soil not suitable for the growth of a large number of plants. That’s 100% incorrect. Well, sure, if you do have a small garden or some other restrictions forcing you to only look up to the container planting – OK. But, containers filled with beautiful plants can also work wonders in the huge yards, and even in public spaces!

So, why do we at Landcrafters love container gardening so much?

Get Instant Curb Appeal

Need we say more? Experienced landscapers and imaginative property owners can do almost anything with their container planting. The options are nearly limitless. Want a wide variety of plants? Done. Want to have a single, highly decorative plant? No problem. Want to create adorable “mini gardens” throughout your real garden? Easy. Want to grow herbs or spices for your own use? Why not?

No matter with what choice (or choices) you go – container plants have the power to completely reimagine the looks of your entire outdoor area. Plus, you’ll have so much fun designing them, choosing the plants to grow, and even maintaining them. By the way:


Enjoy The Easy Maintenance

Yup. Of course, we can’t tell you right away how often you should water the plants in your container gardens. It depends on the plants, the size of the containers, the exposure to the sun, and your local climate conditions. The good thing – it’s very easy to assess whether it’s time to water your containers, just take a look at the surface of the soil inside.

However, container plants require fertilization from time to time. It’s because the soil in the containers doesn’t do that good of a job holding on to the nutrients. Again, the frequency depends on several factors, but most fertilizers should be added every couple of months (more frequently if the fertilizer is in a liquid form).

Move Them From Spot To Spot

Or even hang them! Yes, the process of picking a place for your containers will provide you with numerous options. Of course, you shouldn’t put the plants that don’t like being exposed to the direct sunlight just underneath the Sun’s rays – but, you get the picture. If you are one of those people who like to redesign and rearrange things inside of their homes all the times, well, good news. Now, you can also do it in your garden! Need to clear out space for some renovation or an outdoor party? No problem. As we said before, you can even hang some of the smaller containers to create an even more intriguing visual appeal.

Adapt Them To The Seasons

Unfortunately, our own Florida’s coastal climate is not that suitable for most types of pine trees and other similar evergreen trees people in the northern states use to decorate for Christmas and NYE. But, if you have a few containers in your garden, you can add a few of those plants to create a true Holiday spirit – in front of your own property!

When the Spring comes, add some flowers, small shrubs, or even vines. The possibilities are almost endless. Matter of fact, go ahead and browse our free Ebook “The Best Plants For Your Florida Garden” to get fully inspired.

As you can see, container planting can be used to truly enhance almost any green area, including the one surrounding your estate. All you need to get started is your own imagination. With container gardening – you simply can’t go wrong.