Add Some Fun to Your Landscape: How to Create the Ultimate Butterfly Garden

Add Some Fun to Your Landscape: How to Create the Ultimate Butterfly Garden

Whether you’re looking to spice up your front lawn, create the best backyard, or are running a commercial business that could benefit from a dash of pizzazz, you’ve managed to make your way to the perfect blog post.

In this article, Landcrafters is going to teach you something valuable, something exciting, and something other Florida landscapers might not share with you normally—we’re teaching you how to landscape for Florida wildlife. AKA, we’re helping you craft the ultimate gardening space to attract birds, butterflies, bugs, squirrels, and more!

It might sound complicated at first—how exactly do you plant a garden that’s specifically built to attract these fun little creatures, anyway?—but we promise it’s not all that tough. With our help, you’ll be able to create the ultimate wildlife garden in no time.

We’re willing to bet your family, your customers, your employees, and whoever else happens by is going to seriously appreciate just how awesome your butterfly and bird garden is!

What are the Benefits of Adding a Butterfly Garden to Your Landscape?

Aside from the fact that butterflies and birds are a fun, beautiful addition to any space, adding a garden that’s specifically targeted toward attracting these creatures can be really beneficial to your landscape.

But aside from just the aesthetic perks, butterfly gardens can be great for the environment. Aside from the fact that butterflies are solid pollinators (which is great for any garden), they also can help perpetuate native plant species.

Butterfly and bird gardens can help cultivate plant diversity to help attract other helpful bugs to the garden, like native bees, spiders, praying mantids, dragonflies, and ladybugs.

Further, butterflies can help assist with the cycle of life and serve as a barometer for how your landscape environment is doing.

How to Plant Your Garden to Attract Butterflies: Landscaping for Wildlife in Florida

When it comes to creating the right environment and landscaping for attracting butterflies, there are a few key tips to know and a few important steps to take.

While it’s true that butterflies will generally flit in and out of your garden no matter what if you take special precautions and plant the correct types of flora and fauna in ideal spots, your chance of attracting and retaining a steady population of butterflies.

Here are a few tips for crafting the ultimate butterfly garden on your landscape (residential or commercial, either one works!)

Pick the Perfect Location

To create a great butterfly garden, you need to start with the right foundation—of course, in this context, that means the perfect location.

You’ll need to find a spot that gets plenty of sunlight—a minimum of 5 hours per day is a great place to start. Further, you’ll want a spot that’s free from pesticides and insecticides, has minimal vegetation, and has a natural buffer from the wind.

Water is Crucial

We know what you’re thinking—why does water matter if butterflies are all about nectar? While it’s true that nectar is vital for butterflies, they can’t get enough sodium from nectar alone—they’ll need mineral-rich puddles to get the rest of it.

Adding in either natural puddles or shallow pans full of minerals like dirt or sand at the bottom can work wonders for creating the ultimate butterfly garden.

Choose the Right Type of Plants

As you might have guessed, picking the right plants is crucial for attracting butterflies. Though, getting their attention isn’t quite as complicated as you might think.

Butterflies love nectar-rich plants, brightly colored flora and fauna, and plenty of fragrant flowers. Of course, native plants are always incredibly helpful when it comes to getting these pollinators in the garden, too.

What are some of the best plants for the job? As usual, it depends on what location you’ve chosen for your butterfly garden (things like shade, soil, and more will come into play). Typically, though, plants like these will be super helpful when it comes to attracting the best butterflies in Florida!

  • Firespike
  • Wild Coffee
  • Porterweed
  • Pentas
  • Indian Hawthorne
  • Cat’s Whiskers
  • Firebush
  • Heliconia
  • Weeping Yaupon Holly Tree
  • Pygmy Date Palm
  • Simpson’s Stopper

And so many more!


Ready to build the butterfly garden of your dreams? We’re ready to help you! Whether you’re looking for a small butterfly space to bring beauty to your private property or you’re hoping to create a large, attention-grabbing butterfly garden on your commercial landscape, we’re here to help and we’re ready to build!

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Your butterfly garden is just a few decisions away from being built and we can’t wait to help you do it!