Creating the Ideal Indoor Landscape For Your St. Petersburg Home

Creating the Ideal Indoor Landscape For Your St. Petersburg Home

There are a number of enjoyments associated with stepping outside and taking in a beautiful landscape. From the vibrant splashes of color dotting the lush, green backdrop to the joyful babbling of a water feature and the plush carpet of grass beneath your feet, the pleasant feelings of experiencing a landscape are hard to replicate.

If you’re like those of us at Landcrafters, though, you don’t want the warm, fuzzy feelings of the outdoors to disappear as soon as you shut the door. Instead, you want to bring it inside with you, especially when the winter has you holed up or the summer is just too blazing to spend much time outside.

What are the best ways to bring the invigorating environment of the outdoors inside, you might ask? Read on for our top tips for creating the ideal indoor landscape!

Home-Friendly Plants

Commonly referred to as houseplants, there are certain varieties that thrive indoors and will brighten your surroundings without presenting too many challenges. When choosing the proper houseplants to grace your indoor space, there are a few key characteristics to consider.

Size and Space

Whether you’ve seen it in a movie or experienced it in real life, trying to fit a gigantic Christmas tree into a little room is always comical. While hyperbole for the majority of people, this example feeds into our first point—always consider the size of the plant and the space it will go in before committing to it.

Plants that are too large will dominate the space and potentially become burdensome. Scale the plants you choose to the space they will inhabit to create a cohesive, unobstructed environment!

Coordinate Colors

When decorating your home, it’s unlikely that you throw furniture, artwork, rugs, and other elements into a space without a semblance of a plan. Instead, you focus on filling the space with elements that play well together.

This same thoughtfulness should be applied to choosing indoor plants, especially in regard to color. Consider both the color of the plant and the pot, vase, or another piece that will hold it. These colors should complement their surroundings, not clash with them.

Perfect Placement

Where you place your houseplants is nearly as important as the plants themselves. That’s why each plant should be intentionally placed to create balance, highlight an area of the room, or otherwise enhance the indoor space.

There are a few things to consider when choosing where to put your houseplants. Creating balance can be done by using your home’s preexisting traits—such as doors and windows—to generate symmetry. Think of the plants as framing various home elements!

You may also wish to highlight a focal point of certain rooms. To do this, you can simply place an eye-catching plant (or two) in that area. A large, leafy plant can preside over an office reading nook, or a few vibrant vines can draw attention to the beautiful bay window in your living room. The possibilities are endless!

Connections and Patterns

Using plants to create a visual flow throughout your home is an excellent strategy. By employing repetition, you can turn your home into an interconnected space room to room. Whether you do so in a modern way by using clean lines and identical plants or choose a quirkier path that uses similar yet different plants to create cohesion, the connections and patterns formed will elevate your space.

Don’t forget that you can also use your houseplants to echo the exterior of your home. Consider tying the interior plants to the view from your window, for example, to generate a layered, captivating atmosphere.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Landcrafters

While the space may be smaller, indoor landscaping is just as—if not more—challenging than designing an outdoor area! If you feel overwhelmed trying to transform your home into a more natural, welcoming environment, you’re not alone.

Landcrafters has been helping Floridians turn their landscapes—inside and out—into personal paradises for over two decades. If you would like to speak to a professional about your impending project, our friendly experts are ready to offer advice, hand out some helpful tips, and provide you with a quote. You can contact us via our website or by phone at 727-201-3947.

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