The Easiest Way To Maximize Your Estate’s Market Value

One should really be able to dig deep and analyze the trends thoroughly in order to truly “get” the unwritten laws of the real estate market. But, one thing is certain. The Florida real estate market is extremely competitive. There is always a demand for a quality property, especially in certain areas of our sunny state. There is also an abundance of supply. And homeowners are using every trick from the book trying to sell and to make a huge profit doing it.

That is why more and more homeowners are discovering what seems to be the most obvious and probably the most cost-effective way to increase a property value. Quality and tailor-made landscaping services. The “quality” part is probably crystal clear, so let’s talk about the “tailor made” part a bit.

Why Go Tailor-made?

A lot of homeowners think that a generic approach will work and will be less expensive. What they don’t realize is that they’ll most likely pay more (because they get a bundle of services, regardless of whether they need some of them). Also, the landscape workers won’t be motivated to really get to know the specifics of their yards and try to make the exact improvements the yards require.

Hiring a company offering customizable services enables the homeowners to actually save money and get better landscaping results. Their gardens get the specific issues fixed. The specialists taking care of their greenery actually get to share ideas and enhance homeowners’ visions. This also gives the workers a chance to see some threats (such as the bad shape of a drainage system, or a sick tree branch located just above the garage).

But, Which Custom-Made landscaping Solutions Will Maximize Your Property’s Market Value?

Start From The Basics

That means taking care of the lawn. The lawn is absolutely the most crucial part of your yard. Not just because it can increase the property’s value significantly. No. A well-maintained lawn looks great but also protects the entire property. It can absorb a huge amount of rainfall, which can get important when the violent summer storms hit the local area. The grass acts as a giant dust filter, increasing the air quality. And, it allows the people living there to really enjoy their estate to the fullest.

Raise Your Head

Estate's Market ValueNow, you should get all of your plants and trees in a perfect shape. Great looking (and cleverly placed) greenery enables you to create your own private spaces. That way, whoever lives there will be able to relax completely alone, throw an awesome BBQ party, enjoy watching their kids play outside, or simply gaze at the stars when the sun sets down. Trees and bushes can dramatically boost your estate’s curb appeal, especially if they’re carefully selected and planted. Of course, plants and trees also need care, in order to remain beautiful and healthy.

Get Really Cost-Effective

OK, landscaping services are a cost-effective way to maximize your estate’s value. But, when it comes to the individual landscaping solutions to achieve this goal, nothing is more cost-effective than using mulch and seasonal color to enhance your landscape. Adding mulch to the plant beds across your lawn can really do wonders for the appearance of your open area. There are a lot of different mulching options, and you really can’t go wrong with the choice. Other than giving your plants an interesting look, mulch also helps keep the plants and trees healthy. It protects the roots area from the natural elements and enables the soil to retain moisture for a longer period of time.

Adding a seasonal color to your garden’s mix helps in a maybe unexpected way. If done precisely, it can transform your garden appearance as the season’s change. Simply put, the colorful flowers and plants keep flattering different parts of your yard (or the same parts but in a different way) throughout a year. No wonder why it’s one of the increasingly popular landscaping services nowadays.

In the end, even though all of these makes sense, people are skeptical. Is it really possible that a solution to increase the property’s market value is that simple? But, even if we all disregard what we see happening throughout our neighborhoods, we can’t disregard what some serious scientific studies also found out. According to a study from a Michigan University:

  • Homeowners achieve an amazing 109% ROI (return on investment) on their landscaping works
  • Quality and creative landscaping solutions increase perceived estate value up to 11%