Eco-Friendly Landscaping Tips and Practices

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Tips and Practices

Whether you’re running a commercial business or living your best life in a beautiful Florida home, your landscape matters. Now, when we say that, we don’t just mean how your landscape looks (although, come on, aesthetics are everything).

 Truthfully though, it’s more than that.

What truly matters goes so far beyond just the how your landscape looks, it matters what you’re doing to make it look that way, as well as which practices, equipment, and processes you’re using to get it there. Long story short, the way you take care of your landscape, maintain it, and make it beautiful is just as important as the aesthetic finished project.

At Landcrafters, we’re all about being as eco-friendly as possible.

And we’re not just saying that because’ its really hip to go green and care about the world (although, OK, that’s also true). We’re saying it because we believe that caring about how you take care of your landscape directly reflects how you care about the earth we live on. And to us, being sustainable and eco-friendly is of the utmost importance.

Whether you’re thinking of making small (but impactful) changes like switching from a gas-powered mower to electric or are looking to make monumental changes and adopting an entirely eco-friendly landscaping lifestyle, we’ve got the tips, tricks, and advice you need to meet your green goals! Check out a few of our favorite, simple landscaping switches that can make your landscape a lot more environmentally friendly.

Eco-Friendly Tools

As landscaping technology continues to thrive and evolve, better eco-friendly tools are becoming more and more available for your landscaping needs. At Landcrafters, we do our best to use electric, low-impact tools whenever we can. That means things like switching over from gas-powered mowers, trimmers, etc. to electric tools that we can recharge and use to avoid unnecessary emissions. In the past, landscaping equipment was primarily operated by equipment that didn’t take the environment into consideration—nowadays, we’re working with a much wider variety of equipment that not only is more efficient, in reality, but also decreases our carbon footprint. There’s all kind of eco-friendly technology out there made specifically for the landscaping industry, like smart irrigation (we’ll talk a lot more about that next), permeable material technology, rainfall collection, and so much more!

Smart Irrigation

We told you we’d get here. Smart irrigation systems are next level tools and practices for commercial and residential landscapes alike because they help to reduce water waste as well as ensure efficient and appropriate watering for specific plants, flora, fauna, and more. As a Floridian, you’re probably already a little bit familiar with smart irrigation, but in case you’re not, we’re going to dive in really quickly. Smart irrigation is essentially a technologically advanced watering system. Whether that means it’s the Alexa of plants or it takes the weather into account before it waters, these systems come in a variety of options. The big idea here is that a smart irrigation system will help you cut back on water waste, become more efficient, and potentially even let you know through smart technology when your system needs repair or replacement.

Better Grass Cutting & Caring Methods

We know what you’re thinking—how is there a better way to cut my grass? Aside from some of the basic stuff, like moving away from gas-powered mowers, etc., you can take small steps during your lawn cutting process that can move you toward being a bit more environmentally friendly. For example, if you’re a person who uses herbicides, maybe take a moment to consider what exactly those are—hint: they’re toxins that kill weeds. Great in theory, bad for the environment in actuality. So, what’s an easy way to avoid herbicides while still killing off weeds? Try cutting your grass a little higher. Leave the blades a bit longer so there’s room for shade to keep weeds from thriving. Further, start better utilizing your grass clippings! Recycle your green waste! Whether that means using it for your own compost or working with us to recycle it for nutrient-rich compost, there’s a smarter way to utilize those clippings than just tossing them in the trash!

Mindful Fertilization

Fertilizing your landscape is, oftentimes, a necessary step if you’re trying to get your lawn looking perfect. That being said, the wrong kind of fertilizer can be really damaging to the environment. At Landcrafters, we go through great pains to ensure we’re only using approved fertilizer and abiding by the healthy, environmentally friendly practices. And we advise everyone else do the same, too. Be careful when it comes to fertilizer—consider the amount applied, the timing, and they type (and don’t forget to do a soil test first!). Work with a landscaping team to find the most environmentally friendly fertilizer for your yard or landscape, and of course, make sure you understand when you should be fertilizing and when you shouldn’t For example, if a big storm is on its way, you might want to skip fertilizing. Why? All that rainwater could wash that fertilizer off the grass and into the nearest storm drain or fresh water source, which, unfortunately, pollutes the water! Be mindful, be careful, and be environmentally conscious when it comes to fertilizer.

Compost for Gardening

In case you didn’t know, gardening is back and it’s a hugely popular landscaping trend. And you know what? It’s not just for the residential landscapes—commercial landscapes are bringing back gardening, too. As soon as the go-green-movement got into full swing, it felt like everyone and their brother was digging up patches of their landscape to start gardening fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and more! We couldn’t be more thrilled. Gardening is a great go-to for lots of people, and if you’re taking it a step further and using all of your compost-approved materials in your garden (like eggshells, coffee grounds, fruits, veggies, and more), then you’re also reducing the amount of trash you’re producing!

Sounds like it times to get your green on, right? If you’re convinced that it’s your time to take your landscape from environmentally A-okay to top-rated, then know we can help! Our knowledge of both modern and traditional landscape designs and maintenance aren’t limited to old-school technologies or ideologies—in other words, we can help your property reach its fullest potential by utilizing eco-friendly, go green methods that benefit the environment! If you want to chat about more eco-friendly ideas, need some inspiration, or simply want to discuss how we can help you with your landscape (residential or commercial) give us a call at (727)-201-3947. Or, if you’re more into directly connecting, send us an inquiry via the contact page on our website (check it out here!)