Generally, yes. We try to make our services as predictable and non-disturbing as we can. Of course, sometimes the weather conditions won’t be good enough to permit us to work on your property. Only then will we have to reschedule our visits.

Yes. Residential clients get $50 off (of their next monthly maintenance bill) per lawn maintenance lead. The referral person also gets a $50 discount on their first maintenance bill.
We also offer incentives for the commercial clients, but the amount of the discount varies on a case by case basis, and is tailored to the needs of the specific client.

It depends on your tailored maintenance program. Usually, we conduct 40 or 51-week full-service programs, but we also offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly gardening services.

Of course. The contract acts as a guarantee that you’ll receive the agreed amount and quality of services from us on a monthly basis.

Yes. We tailor our landscaping services to suit your specific needs and desires, and to complement the looks and the functionality of your entire property. In order to achieve this, we meet with you, walk over the property, and go over all the details – creating a perfect landscaping plan and design.

We have experienced subcontractors (Brother’s Pest Control) we trust can help you with fertilization and pest control. But, if you don’t like our choice of the subcontractor, we can always help you find the right match for your needs.

Generally yes, but we also have programs for home and property owners who choose not to have herbicide used on their property.

No. We don’t believe that performing just a mowing will produce the results that you and your property really need and want. We can always talk about creating a tailor-made maintenance program that will not go over your budget, but will enhance your outdoor area.

Our services start with the lawn and turf, but taking care of the plants and the overall landscape is what provides real results, both aesthetically and functionally. We offer a wide variety of landscape maintenance services, and tailor them (together with you) to suit both your property’s outdoor area, but also your budget.

Yes. Since we customize our services to completely satisfy the needs of you and your landscape, we can also create a specific seasonal plant and mulch installation plan to enhance the certain areas of your property.

At Landcrafters, we have a wide variety of mowers (differently equipped, and varying in sizes). That way, we can use the exact mowers which will produce the best results on your type of property.

Landcrafters’ landscape professionals have more than 150 years of combined experience enhancing outdoor areas in our part of Florida. We continuously invest in providing our specialists with comprehensive training, and ensure they’re up to date with major landscaping trends.

Yes, Landcrafters is a fully licensed and insured company, and hold workers compensation for all of our employees.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction to all our clients. That means you can always expect us to do whatever it takes to make you perfectly happy with the services you hired us for. In the end,if you’re still dissatisfied with the services you received from Landcrafters, and believe we can’t make it right – we will refund the full amount of your last visit!

Of course. As a landscaping company that prides on using the latest technologies when enhancing our clients’ properties, we also ensure our clients can make the payments quickly and conveniently.


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