Gardening: It’s Back & It’s Bigger Than Ever

In case you haven’t noticed, gardening is back, and from the looks of it, it’s likely to here to stay.

If you find yourself strolling through your city noticing flower gardens, vegetable gardens, or even zen gardens popping up in every residential and commercial space you pass by, know that you’re not going crazy, Gardening is a real trend that’s happening now, and truthfully, it’s more popular than ever.

If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself “the last time I saw this much gardening was in the 70s,“ you’re pretty much right on target.

Gardening used to be a way of life, a regular practice, and a daily routine that people enjoyed. But over the years, this fizzled. Vegetable gardens were left to rot. Houseplants never saw the light of day. The sex-appeal of a glowing flower garden simply vanished. Tending to a garden, simply put, fell entirely out of fashion.

Now, though, gardening is back, and the Landcrafters crew is more than thrilled to say we support the gardening movement.

Bring on the residential garden questions and comments, folks, because with our two decades of garden knowledge, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the day we’d be able to share it with you again!

If you’re wondering why you should add in a gardening regimen to your residential property, want to know more about why gardening is hip again, or simply want to learn a little more about this flashback trend that’s hitting harder than ever, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve laid out some fun gardening facts below that will hopefully shed some light on this throwback trend that’s blooming into popularity (that pun was obviously intended).

Read on to gain some insight, learn a bit about gardening, and see why it’s a hot trend that’s back for good!

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The Go Green Movement Hit Us Hard

We’re not complaining about this reason whatsoever.

Gardening is entirely earth-friendly (so long as you’re doing it in a planet-healthy way) and it presents several opportunities to grow your own food, reduce your carbon footprint (because, good news, plants naturally absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen), and even acts as a great way to put your leftover food scraps, coffee grounds, and other biodegradable to good use through developing a compost system that benefits your garden! Further, providing blooms, vegetables, fruits, and all types of flora and fauna attract bees and other beneficial insects, forming a symbiotic relationship between your garden and these helpful creatures.

As of late, a majority of the population is getting on board with going green and helping the planet recover from some of the hardships we’ve put it through – gardening is a great go-to that hundreds of people, young and old, have turned to for this specific reason. Even if you don’t personally want to garden, having a garden at home – and having a great team to care for that garden – can be a huge boon to the environment!

Stress Relief 101: Get to Gardening

You’ve probably noticed this, but it’s worth outlining – we live in an era where people are consistently looking for ways to reduce their stress and melt away their anxieties. Because of this, it’s no small wonder that people have turned to gardening.

Gardening is a stress-relieving exercise that allows people to focus on nurturing and creating. It’s a positive, healthy way for people to attempt to forget about their stressful jobs, lives, families, whatever it may be, and focus on something beautiful. Further, gardening can be physically healthy, too, which automatically contributes to stress reduction. When you’re gardening you’re squatting, digging, weeding, sweating, working with your hands, and more for hours on end. If you make this part of your daily or weekly routine, you can certainly reap several physical and mental health benefits from it.

Even if you’re not totally invested in the caring for your own garden all the time (we can help – as we actually offer a Premium Gardening Service!), having a garden at home to gaze out on, harvest from, or just enjoy can be an enormous stress relief!

Plants and Florals are So In

This might sound sarcastic, but we can really credit gardening coming back into style to social media platforms, celebrity influencers, and even consumer trends. In other words, appreciating gardens and tending to your own garden is so in.

Consider popular shops in your area – think about international brands like Urban Outfitters, décor examples in magazines like Elle Decoration, or spreads in Vogue. What do they all have in common? A strong focus on florals, botanicals, and leafy greens. Gardening accounts on Instagram are popping up everywhere and they come with huge followings – we’re talking in the hundreds of thousands. People are taking notice, people are enjoying what they’re seeing, and people are hopping on the gardening bandwagon to make it happen for themselves.

While trendiness might not be the purest reason to get into gardening, there’s certainly nothing wrong with it, and honestly, in the big picture, gardening (even if it’s only residential) makes a huge difference in the health of our planet.

Further, the holidays are coming up – the best way to show off your landscape during the holiday season (especially to those gloating in-laws of yours) is to have a well-kept, gorgeous, little garden at your house. Even if you need a little extra help getting this going and keeping it maintained (that’s why we’re here), it can be a wonderful way to ring in the holiday season!

It’s a Whole Bunch of Fun

Honestly, people are also rediscovering the cold, hard truth about gardening – it’s just a ton of fun. People are honing gardening in as a hobby, as something they turn to for relaxation and rejuvenation, and because it’s so enjoyable, it’s spreading like wildfire! The era we live in has started encouraging people to take a step back and think about how they’re benefiting the world around them, and because gardening is a positive, enjoyable, and genuinely fun activity that makes a difference, it’s a natural choice for all sorts of people – young and old.


Did our gardening guidelines give you all kinds of inspiration for your home landscape? Are you absolutely chomping at the bit to get your personal garden going? We hope so! If you have any questions about how to get your garden up and running, want to know more about what your landscape could grow, or simply want some inspiration to get started, give our office a call at (727)-201-3947. Want a little extra inspo to get your residential property looking fabulous? Check out our regularly updated blog for several tips, tricks, and advice tidbits that can help you perfect your residential landscape.