Florida’s Top 5 Flowering Vines for Your Commercial Landscape

Florida’s Top Five Flowering Vines for Your Commercial Landscape

Maybe Floridians are so accustomed to flat land that they’ll take any desperate attempt to creating vertical textures around their home—you know, to create feelings of safety and to break up the monotony of endlessly green lawns, sandy beaches, and oceans that stretch into the horizon. Then again, maybe flowering vines are just beautiful, visually interesting landscaping features.

While we lean toward the former argument in this debate, there’s one thing we can all agree on—flowering vines provide a unique touch that can elevate a landscape. They’re textured, colorful, can grow in unusual places, and are often desirably fragrant. They can act as natural accent walls to your outdoor spaces, provide privacy, and spice up empty spaces.

So, now that we’ve established that flowering vines are great, especially for flatlanders, only one question remains—what are the best flowering vines for Florida residents? We thought you might ask! Check out the list we’ve compiled below of Florida’s top five flowering vines to start planning your own vine-based groundcover or vertical paradise!

Cross Vine

Woody, hearty, and able to thrive on just about any surface, the Cross Vine is an excellent choice for those who value low-maintenance landscaping and view vines as living paint. They have lovely blossoms that bloom from late spring all the way through summer. These flowers contrast the lush green foliage of the vine with warm tones of orange, red, and yellow.

Cross Vines are also an exceptional choice for those who want their landscaping to remain green all year, as they continue to thrive through the fall and winter in warmer climates. If you’re someone who wants to cover an unsightly wall or unpainted fence, values ease-of-growth, and enjoys vibrancy in your landscaping, Cross Vines are for you!

Trumpet Vine

The aptly named Trumpet Vine is the ideal choice for those who want to add a bit of flair to their landscaping. Their foliage tends to be a rich emerald color, which creates the perfect backdrop for the bold reds, yellows, and oranges of the trumpet-shaped blooms to pop.

Perhaps even more appealing than the stellar looks of this vine is its ability to thrive in poor conditions. In fact, it has been said that the Trumpet Vine actually prefers poor conditions and neglect, making it the perfect pairing for those who would rather plant it and forget it. We suppose that makes it a distant relative of the plastic flamingo, somehow.


If the sweetness of honey had a physical appearance, it might be one of the several stunning variations of honeysuckle, making this particular flowering beauty another aptly named vine. The diversity of honeysuckle affords property owners the privilege of choosing one that will fit their needs and their landscaping vision.

The Cape Honeysuckle, for example, is actually both shrub and vine thanks to its ability to climb or simply take the form of a bush. Others, like Coral Honeysuckle, makes for the ideal coverage vine thanks to its propensity to cling on vertical surfaces such as fences, trellises, and other prominent landscaping features. Both, of course, grace a property with eye-catching blossoms and alluring fragrance!

Star Jasmine

Easy to maintain and truly beautiful, the Star Jasmine vine is a classic Florida landscaping feature. It grows in a tamable manner, but that doesn’t mean its stunning good looks and breathtaking aromas can be contained. You should be aware that bees, too, love the scent.

The dark, often oval-shaped leaves are a picturesque shade of shiny green, while the flowers—which bloom in late spring—are pinwheel in appearance and feature a creamy white color that is sure to provide just the pop your landscaping needs!


No list of flowering vines would be complete without Mandevilla. These popular plants feature unmistakable splashes of colors thanks to their large blooms. Their leaves are lush and create a dynamic depth and texture that is equally as beautiful as the blooms.

Like most vines, Mandevilla provides many growing options. They are also exceptionally low-maintenance, making them a versatile option for most landscaping projects!

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