Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For Commercial Properties

In the ever-increasingly competitive Florida market, businesses and organizations need to utilize every single opportunity that arises, to increase their profits and grow. And one of those opportunities lies literally in front of your front doors. No matter if you’re representing a hotel or a residential community, a restaurant or a retail store, or even an office complex – you can experience numerous positive benefits if you enhance the front yard at your commercial property.

Why is the front yard so important? Well, it’s the first thing people see upon arriving. The front yard can make a terrible or a fantastic first impression about you and your business. It can also help with associating your brand with something extremely positive.

We have collected several modern front yard landscaping ideas, to help you boost your property’s curb appeal. Implementing these ideas help you increase the property’s value, but it also makes it much more appealing, providing an attractive and stress-free environment. An environment that makes your employees more satisfied and productive, that makes your tenants happy and willing to pay more to stay, that makes your buyers genuinely looking forward to the next visit.

along flower and plant bedsAn Inviting Entry Pathway

Changing that regular concrete or tarmac front yard pathway with a stone or a brick one, immediately adds class to your brand’s image. And, it separates it from all the other properties in the area, providing it with an additional value. There are countless examples of modern pathways stretching in front of commercial properties. Choose the one that complements not only the building, but your brand as a whole.

Eye-Catching Plant And Flower Beds

It’s important to have a lawn that is looking like a green carpet stretched in front of your commercial property. But, you want to really stand out and turn your green area into a relaxing scenery where people want to spend their time, right? Then, one of the easiest ways to achieve that goal is creating several plant and flower beds in your front yard.

The trick with creating garden beds is to go colorful, diverse, and to think in 3D. You need to very carefully select different species of trees, shrubs, groundcover plants, and flowers to craft a perfect mix. The goal is to have attractive plant and flower beds throughout the entire year. That can be achieved by planting evergreen plants, plants that flower in different seasons, and/or plants and trees of different shapes and sizes.

A Relaxing Hardscape Area

The idea here – to create an area (or a couple of areas) that are going to invite people to gather around and stay – to relax. Hardscaping areas are also used to emphasize certain points around your commercial property’s front yard, and can even be used to organize meeting, presentations, or promo events. When choosing the style and the aesthetic of the hardscape area, it’s important not only to think about fitting in with the entire property (and brand), but also to think about the goal which you want to achieve. This is a time when you should consider consulting an expert.

Illuminating Elements

after hardscapeAdding outdoor lighting to your commercial front yard achieves three things. Other than making your commercial property looking more attractive, and being used to shine a light on the most important areas of the estate – adding these elements make your entire business more safe and secure.

Outdoor lighting can be placed around the pathways, or just scattered throughout the green area. It can be used to highlight trees, flower and plant beds, but also to illuminate the façade or the logo of the brand or the property. The best thing about outdoor lighting? It can cost you close to nothing, with a little help from eco-friendly light bulbs and solar solutions.

“Green” Logo

Want to make your business really stand out and convey an image of a caring and environmentally-friendly brand? Create a “green” logo! Your brand’s, business’, or property’s logo can be made out of flowers or different plants, creating a completely unique front yard appearance. The logo will require being taken care of from time to time, just like the other living things, but the effects will make it worth the effort.

As you can see, there are some really interesting front yard landscaping ideas you can use to boost your commercial property’s curb appeal, and experience a lot of positive side-effects. Just, when you first start implementing some of these ideas – make sure to do it right, no matter if you’re going to do it yourself, or with a help from experienced landscaping professionals.