How to Find (& Plant) Fall Colors in Florida


How to Find (& Plant) Fall Colors in Florida

Stop right there.

Before we go any further, we just want to say that we know what you’re thinking. It’s what people always think when anyone puts the words “Fall” and “colors” and “Florida” together.

You’re probably thinking: “You can’t get Fall colors in Florida because we don’t have a Fall!” or something along the lines of that.

While it’s true that we don’t naturally have the most colorful of seasons here (mostly because our tropical climate doesn’t really fit into that whole autumn leaf changing thing), there are some clever ways around that. As a landscaping company who knows a thing or two about gardening, landscaping, and Florida, we’ve concocted some pretty tricky ways to bring Fall to Florida over the years. The best part about it? We want to help you do the same.

If you can’t stand another Autumn without the colors of Fall, then fear not, we’ve laid out a few tips for Fall planting, as well as a giant list of flora and fauna that you can plant in your landscape that will bloom up in the most glorious of Fall colors. Best of all, these plants are mostly durable enough to last through the Fall and winter seasons!

Check out our Florida Fall color loopholes below!



Quick Tips for Fall Gardening

Before we dive into the really exciting part of the article (the list of fall color plants, trees, and flowers!), we want to give you some very basic advice to help ensure that your blooms don’t bite come time for Fall. You’ll need to start early on these tips, so don’t be afraid to begin building up toward the end of summer.

For starters, we recommend your soil and fertilizer be totally on point for peak fall colors. That means that your soil needs to be built up with good, nutrient-rich organic matter to help the best boost those blooms. Your fertilizing routine should consist of a hearty, slow-release product (organic and non-toxic if you can!) and a weekly root dousing.

Your watering needs to be measured, scheduled, and consistent, too. This is what’s technically considered the “dry season” in Florida (after we somehow survive through the hurricane-filled summers, right?), so you’ll want to make sure you’re being consistent and regular with watering. Get your irrigation system checked out before the start of the season to ensure its functioning properly and always double-check that your irrigation system is reaching to the roots of plants for proper hydration.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you’re one step closer to a glorious Fall garden. Check out a few of our must-have plants, flowers, and more for your autumn colors.


Fall Maintenance You MUST Tackle

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about using Autumn to make the Fall colors pop in your landscape, but it’s important to realize that Fall landscape care is about more than just finding the ultimate shades of red, gold, and orange in your space. Fall is also a crucial time for maintenance and care for your landscape (commercial or residential) and can be cleverly used as a preparation time to make sure all is well before Florida winter kicks in! So, what’s exactly should you be concerned about when it comes to Fall maintenance? Check out our tips below!

Refresh Your Vegetable Garden

Are you looking to revamp your vegetable garden for Fall? Before you can plant those cool-weather veggies we all love (we’re looking at you broccoli, beets, carrots, and cauliflower), you need to refresh your garden and give it a good ol’ dash of TLC. Plant new seeds, clear out old debris, add in hardy herb plants, and give your garden a genuine dose of maintenance.

Get Ready for Frost

Yep, we get frost in Florida—if you’ve lived here for any amount of time, we know you’re not that surprised. Fall is the perfect time to do a little pre-Frost prep. Turn your raised flower beds into cold frames, figure out how you’ll cover your plants and veggies, and come up with a frost-strategy to ensure you don’t lose any plants come winter.

Have You Checked Your Irrigation System?

We’re big on preaching about regular irrigation system audits. And while there’s no specific reason that  Fall should make you specifically wary of your system (like winter), it’s always a good idea to include an irrigation audit in any of your regular maintenance tasks.

It’s a Great Time to Mulch

Though some people swear by a winter mulching schedule (we get it, it makes sense!), we definitely think that mulching in the Fall can be a great way to prepare your landscape for winter! Adding in mulch ahead of time can prepare your landscape for the random cold snap we get (and the even more random hard freeze) and ensure that your soil (and the roots inside it) stay at a solid, toasty-warm temp. Plus, if you took our advice and planted those Fall vegetables, a good layer of mulch is sure to keep those edibles from any type of frost damage. It’ll also do what mulch does best—lock in moisture and avoid damage to the roots of your veggies!

Annuals &  Perennials that Can Add Fall Color to Your Landscape

Ready for some bright, warm, and breathtaking Fall colors? Try out of each of these annuals or perennials in your garden


Red, white, yellow, purple – pansies can be found in all kinds of beautiful Fall colors, and because they’re compact, durable, and heck, even edible, they’ll be a welcomed addition to your landscape. They’re not super ideal for the scorching summers of Florida, so make sure you change these adorable, little blooms for something more heat-tolerant once the seasons change again.


If you want an exciting and dramatic scourge of color on your landscape, don’t overlook snapdragons. These flowers, which can range from six inches to three feet tall,  come in a rainbow of colors like deep reds, rich oranges, bright yellows, and even creamy whites. Try an autumn mixture to replicate some of the Fall colors we don’t naturally get here in Florida.


Missing out on those bright red leaves that come with the changing seasons up North? Replicate that beautiful shade with Firespike. This plant can bring in a gorgeous, eye-catching pop of red to your garden or landscape. Although it’s a tiny, flowering cluster, the actual shrub itself can grow anywhere from 4-6 feet tall! The best part? Although it’s channeling those Fall colors, it’s a plant that blooms in Florida year-round and can tolerate all kinds of soil conditions.


Herbaceous perennials that can live for years on end, chrysanthemums – often just called mums – are the ideal Florida fall addition to your landscape. Whether you want to grow a few containers of these beauties or want to mass plant them in your flower bed, these gorgeous, yet versatile and durable, flowers come in all kinds of shades of yellow, orange, auburn, blue, and purple! The options are endless with mums and they’re a must-have for your Autumn-themed garden.


These versatile, durable blooms are a great choice for Florida fall colors. Not only do they flower into delicious, autumn hues like blues, whites, scarlets, yellows, and purples, they’re incredibly drought-resistant and vibrant. . You can grow salvia as a potted plant for ease and convenience, or plant rows of these gorgeous perennials in your flower beds. Either way, they’re going to bring some serious vibrancy to your Fall color scheme.

English Marigold

This gorgeous annual is basically fall-embodied. A great choice for containers, the English Marigold is a vibrant bloom that can grow up to 2 feet tall. It features oranges, yellows, and dabs of white on its petals. Can you say Fall or what? These flowers will likely last until the first (albeit random) Florida frost, so make sure you’re taking extra good care of them if we happen to get a brief cold snap!


Let’s Talk Trees

If you want to go for something a little bigger and bolder, consider adding in trees for your future falls that can help to channel that autumn glow.

Christmas Palm

It doesn’t get more Florida Fall than this beauty. Christmas Palms are, you guessed it, Palm Trees – but they’re a perfect addition to your Fall landscape because of their bright pop of red fruits that adorn their trunks in the Fall and Winter. While it’s likely a more ideal color scheme for winter (with the red and green, and such), that deep auburn fruit really puts a Florida spin on Fall colors. The best part? They’re palms after all, so they grow super well in Florida year-round.

Red Maple

This one speaks for itself. This gorgeous tree has often been called the “Florida Flame” for the brilliant pops of yellow, orange, and red leaves. As long as you give this tree plenty of irrigation, do your research, and take great care of it, all you should have to do is sit back, relax, and watch the Red Maple blaze into color every Fall.

Flowering Dogwood

Though mostly found in North Florida, the Flowering Dogwood tree is a super addition for anyone looking to add that creamy white color and Fall flower texture to their landscape. While this tree can grow in southern parts of Florida, be forewarned that it’s a bit more temperamental than your average Florida tree – it needs acidic soil and tons of water!


We hope our Fall gardening guide gave you the answers you needed! With the right care and a little knowledge about what to plant, your garden can be bursting with October-esque colors for the entire season.

We can provide even more recommendations and ensure they’ll enhance your current landscaping thanks to our professional designers. If you want a custom plan or expert advice on fall-ifying your yard, feel free to contact us for a quick, easy, and free quote!

Just give our office a call at (727)-201-3947. If you’d love a little landscaping inspo here and there or can’t get enough of tips and tricks for your property, then you have to check out our Landcrafters blog. It features weekly updates on all things landscaping!