Holiday Landscape Issues in Tampa Bay: What You Need to Know

Holiday Landscape Issues in Tampa Bay: What You Need to Know

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. Soon, neighborhoods will be adorned with cheery decorations and lit with twinkling lights. Even in Florida, where the holiday season is not signaled by a snowy white landscape, the joyful spirit of the season is practically palpable.

As you prepare for the big day by filling your yard with themed fun and lighting your home like a Christmas tree, you may stumble upon some holiday landscape issues. From electrical problems that prevent your Christmas display from shining bright to gutters that are suffering from deferred maintenance, the issues you discover can be numerous and diverse.

To help you identify these possible problems, we have compiled a quick list of what to look for, how to spot issues, and what to do if you find something amiss.

No holiday landscape issues here, just a stunning tree an gorgeous Tampa Bay lights. Gutter and Roof Concerns

Scaling ladders gives you a unique perspective on seldom-seem parts of your home or business. With this closer look at your gutters and roof, you may notice areas of concern that were easy to overlook from the ground.

From underperforming gutters causing rainwater to pool to broken or missing shingles, you should take particular note of issues that may lead to water damage. If your gutters are in subpar shape or overdue for a cleaning, you may wish to avoid clipping lights to them. The added weight could exasperate preexisting problems.

Also, while it is rare to have a chimney in Florida, you should be aware of its condition should you have one, especially when it comes to holiday landscape issues. If it looks improperly angled or shows signs of separation, foundation problems may be to blame. Not only will this make things difficult for Santa, but it can also be a warning sign of significant issues in need of addressing.

Electrical Issues

If you are utilizing outdoor electrical outlets to power your lights, inflatable decorations, and other seasonal ornaments, you may unearth electrical issues. Because outdoor outlets are located on the exterior of the home and exposed to the elements, there is a greater possibility of damage. Whether it is the teeth of a mouse or seepage of rainwater, problems with outdoor outlets are not uncommon when it comes to holiday landscape issues.

No matter what is causing the issue, including the circuit breaker box and how its capacity to support the increased electrical load, remember to take electrical issues very seriously. They can be dangerous and compromise both personal and home safety if not addressed properly, resulting in holiday landscape issues.

Shrubs and Trees

Decorating for the holidays puts you up close and personal with your landscaping, especially if you are incorporating natural elements into your displays. Both shrubs and trees may show signs of neglect, excess growth, and so on.

If issues related to your property’s foliage are found, be sure to correct them as soon as possible. From trimming back shrubs that are encroaching on your home’s foundation to removing any low-hanging branches that could pose a safety risk during the stormy season, keeping a list of potential problems you discover during the holiday season is a great way to ensure they are addressed in a timely manner.

Pest Damage and Rot

When hanging your Christmas lights, you may notice damage to your home that has gone undetected. From woodpecker holes along the eaves to wood rot on the window frames, this damage can range in location, cause, and severity.

While some of this damage may not demand immediate repair, it is better to be preemptive. This is especially true in Florida, where the potential for water damage and holiday landscape issues are high if the home is at all vulnerable during the rainy season.

As you imbue your home with the holiday spirit this year, be sure to do more than just spread cheer. Take advantage of your light hanging and check your property for the issues above. Doing so could help you catch developing problems early enough to avoid catastrophe and keep your property in peak condition.

If you find problems or simply want a professional’s perspective, consider contacting Landcrafters. With over 20 years of experience and expertise in the industry, Landcrafters can quickly identify potential issues and create a plan to counteract them.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our blog. It is regularly updated with helpful landscaping insights, and you can enjoy it for free. No need to thank us, just consider it our Christmas gift to you!