How to Avoid Surprise Commercial Landscape Costs

How to Avoid Surprise Commercial Landscape Costs

Sometimes, surprises can be the most positive, memorable moments in your life. While you may not win the lottery (congratulations if you do!), receiving a thoughtful birthday present, seeing your favorite underdog sports team win the championship, or even just finding your favorite snack food on sale can turn an ordinary day into an unforgettable one.

Not all surprises are created equal, though—some can be quite terrible!

Nothing hammers this fact home quite so heavily as thinking your commercial landscape budget has been perfectly planned, then having a surprise problem pop up and place a financial strain on you and your business. In situations like these, it’s best to avoid surprises altogether!

Proactively Prune

Not only does proactive pruning ensure your shrubs and trees don’t become overgrown and require far more expensive and extensive work in the future, but it also can prevent some pretty nasty surprises.

For example, tree limbs may look fine to the untrained eye and passing glance, but they may actually be dead or dying. If not pruned in a proactive manner, they could end up breaking off and falling, causing damage to vehicles and buildings. They could even physically harm someone, creating a complicated, expensive, and potentially fatal problem that could have been avoided.

Avoid Drainage Disasters

Florida may be a tropical paradise for the majority of the year, but it is also prone to sudden thunderstorms and even significant hurricane seasons that can cause unexpected flooding and water runoff. Both of these issues, which often occur with little to no warning, can be mitigated by proper maintenance and preparation.

To escape the rainy season unscathed, be sure to check your drainage systems regularly and perform any maintenance that may be necessary. This is especially true if your commercial property borders or contains a water source, including everything from the ocean to a retention pond.

Failure to check for issues and conduct necessary maintenance and repairs could lead to flooding, washed-out parking areas, structural damage to buildings, and wide-spread loss of your landscape’s plant life. All of these surprise consequences require expensive repairs!

Feed the Need

There are a variety of factors that can influence just how healthy and successful a plant will be. When applied to all of the plants that make up your commercial property’s landscaping, the possibilities can be quite overwhelming.

Luckily, landscape companies have the knowledge and resources to test the appropriate elements and ensure your landscape thrives. From checking the pH balance of your soil to evaluating the necessary watering frequency and volume for specific areas of your property, allowing a landscape expert to assess the potential challenges between you and a gorgeous commercial landscape can save you from surprise expenses in the future.

From recommending particular fertilizers to ensuring needier regions of your property get watered correctly, feeding the needs of your unique soil and plants can help keep both healthy. Not only does that contribute to the visually appealing property you’ve always envisioned, but it also prevents you from replacing expensive plants all too often!

Worry-Free Watering

In Florida, proper irrigation is no joke. Without it, you could be looking at struggling plants and massive expenses to bring them back from the brink or replace them altogether.

Rather than finding out the hardware that your sprinkler system is down for the count in the midst of the dry season, be preemptive in checking for damaged pipes, sprinkler heads in need of replacement, and the right programming for your property!

Keep in mind that different areas may require variations in watering frequency, timing, and volume, so have your commercial landscape professional evaluate the efficiency of your system as they check on its health!


There are a number of ways that your commercial landscape can sneak up on you with surprises of the negative variety. Thankfully, your landscape professional can help identify potential issues before they become full-blown problems, saving you money and quite a few headaches along the way.

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