How to Create Outdoor Gathering Spaces for Tampa Bay HOA Properties

One of the beautiful things about HOA commercial properties is their ability to bring people together. There’s a reason they’re called communities, and it’s because they are intended to foster just that—a sense of comradery and togetherness among the residents. The best HOA properties in Tampa Bay do this by providing amenities that make it convenient and fun for residents to come together and enjoy the community.

There are several ways that commercial HOA properties can go about this. From fitness centers and barbeque grills to community events and dog parks, all Tampa Bay HOA properties are slightly different. Often, these amenities are tailored to the people living there—or designed to attract a certain demographic from the start.

In Tampa Bay, commercial HOA properties have the unique opportunity to create outdoor gathering spaces that can be used year-round. Thanks to Florida’s tremendous weather—it’s not called the “Sunshine State” for no reason—your community and its residents can benefit from intentional landscaping no matter the season.

How Landscaping Can Create Community Outdoor Spaces on Tampa Bay HOA Properties

If you want to take your commercial HOA property to the next level and give your residents an opportunity to bask in Tampa Bay’s fabulous weather, you’ll need to invest in outdoor spaces. With the natural potential of Florida’s climate and landscape at your fingertips, all you need is a professional landscaper to convert your vision into a reality.

Start Simple – Make the Best of What You Have

Your Tampa Bay HOA property doesn’t need state-of-the-art outdoor spaces to facilitate outdoor recreation and a sense of community among residents. Sure, you can have long-term goals that include outdoor oases, but it is perfectly acceptable to start small.

Consider simple additions and changes to your property that can make the outdoors more accessible to people. There is a myriad of possible ways to accomplish this, most of which can be done in an extremely short amount of time. Work with your professional Tampa Bay landscaping company to plant shade trees. Install some benches in public areas where people can read, converse, and soak in the sun. Construct some shaded structures, like pergolas or gazebos, in scenic areas to give outdoor gatherers a reprieve from the heat.

All of these ideas (and more) share something in common. Not only are they simple, but they also make use of outdoor areas that already exist. If your HOA property is properly cared for and maintained, all it takes is a few subtle changes to turn unused outdoor spaces into gathering places for people to enjoy.

Give People a Reason to Gather

While many Floridians love the outdoors and will opt outside just to bask in the glorious Tampa Bay sunshine, it’s a good idea to give people a reason to congregate in your outdoor spaces. This not only gives those who already love gathering outside a destination but also encourages people with various interests to join the party.

Three of the most common gathering spots for Tampa Bay commercial HOA properties to incorporate into their landscape design are dog parks, playgrounds, and pools. Each of these serves a specific purpose and appeals to a different demographic (though there’s often overlap). Landscaping can establish or enhance these features, making them welcoming to anyone who ventures outdoors.

The landscaping required to help each of these outdoor gathering spaces thrive will be vastly different. For example, a dog park may benefit from turf for longevity and durability. However, the two-legged visitors (that’s you!) value shade, seating, and lighting. A professional landscaper can ensure that the fluffy friends and their human companions are all happy to gather for extended periods of time by crafting a landscape that appeals to and works for everyone.

Similarly, a playground is designed for young’uns to frolic and expend their absurd levels of energy while the adults stand on the sideline talking about taxes. An experienced Tampa Bay landscaping company can choose the right ground cover to keep the kiddos safe, reduce the ambient heat, and still look great. It can also provide for the adults by implementing aesthetically appealing greenery, plenty of seating, shade trees, sun coverings, and more.

If you are going to implement outdoor gathering places into your HOA landscape, it’s best to invest in areas that people will want to use. Take into account what type of community you are, the space you have, and what the people prefer. Your Tampa Bay landscaper can assist you in this process and work with you to create high-use outdoor spaces that everyone will love.

Don’t Limit the Space

Often, HOA properties will think of common areas as just that—limited spaces specifically designed for public use. While this is an obvious and powerful way to use your landscape to further a sense of community, expanding your horizons by thinking about the property as a whole can be beneficial.

Walking trails can make tremendous use of your property while acting as an opportunity for residents and visitors to appreciate each other’s company while experiencing the gorgeous Tampa Bay landscape. Implementing walking trails requires strategy and thought, but the reward is well worth the effort. Not only are such paths essential to streamlining the navigation of your property, but they can also provide opportunities for getting fresh air, exercise, and outdoor enjoyment.

In addition to a thoughtful layout that complements your property and its natural terrain, you will want to work with a landscaper to choose the correct walkway materials, plant life to add visual interest to the path, and lighting that keeps it safe at all times.

Make It Beautiful and Maintain It

There is a simple correlation between how beautiful a property is and how much time people will want to spend outside indulging in it. When it comes to your Tampa Bay HOA landscape, the beautification process is full of potential. After all, the Tampa Bay area is lush and gives plenty of opportunities to craft your property as you see fit.

A professional landscaping company can work with you to realize your vision and help your HOA property reach its full potential. Once a plan is in place and the property takes shape, they can then ensure that it stays pristine year-round for people to immerse themselves in. Achieving your vision for a lovely outdoor space is only a fraction of the fight—keeping it picturesque requires an in-depth plan, a huge commitment, and uncompromising consistency!


The all-season potential of outdoor spaces in Tampa Bay gives HOA commercial communities in the area a unique opportunity to make their property stand out in meaningful ways. The ideas above are phenomenal ways to use landscaping to create outdoor gathering spaces. We hope they provide you with some inspiration for your Tampa Bay HOA property.

If you would like to learn more about how landscaping can create outdoor spaces for your HOA community, as well as HOA commercial landscaping in general, feel free to contact us. With over 20 years of serving the Tampa Bay area, Landcrafters has the experience and expertise to transform your landscape for the better.

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