How to Create the Best Tropical Landscape in Tampa Bay

The Sunshine State. Even its moniker stirs images of paradisical landscapes, sandy beaches, and tropical vibes. For many, the thought of Florida conjures something in their soul and sparks a sense of longing for a more relaxing environment. You could say there’s a prevailing “when in Florida” mindset that exists for residents and visitors alike.

No matter your status, crafting a climate that gives you the tropical getaway atmosphere you crave is a priority. Capturing that fun and tropical mindset in a physical landscape is no small task, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Working with a local Tampa Bay professional landscaping company is your ticket to Florida paradise every time you step foot on your property.

With over 20 years of experience in the area, Landcrafters knows a thing or two about constructing landscaping realities that fit your dreams, and tropical wonderlands are no exception. Read on to enjoy our brief guide to creating the best tropical landscape in Tampa Bay. Soon, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your own idyllic outdoor space.

The Tropics in Your Tampa Backyard: The Best Tropical Landscape in Tampa Bay

If you’ve had visions of a tropical haven all of your own, you’ve come to the right place. Tampa Bay is ripe with potential; all you have to do is partner with the right landscaper to help it reach that potential. With the tropical tips and tricks below at your disposal, your creativity should be blossoming like your future landscape.

From native plants to proper irrigation, strategy and thoughtful implementation of landscaping elements are essential to your property’s success. Ready to enjoy everything Florida has to offer? Let’s do this!

Design Your Dream

Thanks to Florida’s generous climate, you can approach landscaping in a haphazard way and find a form of success. If you want a peaceful paradise that enjoys longevity and works together as a cohesive whole, however, you will want to strategize with a professional to develop a design.

The lush landscapes most people associate with tropical Tampa Bay properties do not happen by accident. They take an immense amount of planning before any plants or landscaping elements are implemented. Considerations like plant selection and placement, water features, and walkways must all be made before work can begin.

The good news is that experienced landscapers are pros at designing intelligent landscapes that not only fit your vision but also make long-term care easier. With the expertise and modern tools to visualize your landscape in concept before it becomes reality, there are opportunities to tweak and perfect the design before any physical work is done. This saves time, money, and frustration. It is better to have a clear-cut plan ahead of time than deal with mistakes after the fact.

Implement Irrigation to Help Your Paradise Thrive

Once your design is complete and ready to implement, you will want to invest in an irrigation system. This is an absolutely essential addition to any Tampa Bay property, as proper irrigation is what keeps your tropical paradise flourishing. Without it, you could witness your landscaping investment go from lush and lovely to dry and patchy.

There are levels to this aspect of landscaping, giving you the flexibility you need to match your vision and your budget. Some may opt for a smart system and micro irrigation, while others may want to keep things simple and budget-friendly. Landcrafters will work with you to ensure you install the irrigation system that is right for you. Then, we’ll develop an evaluation and maintenance schedule to keep that system functioning at maximum efficiency.

Prioritize Plant Selection

In Tampa Bay, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to plants. As landscapers, this excites us, but we fully acknowledge that it can be overwhelming when trying to select the right options for a specific landscape. This is where we can work together to sort through a myriad of plant possibilities and pick a variety that fits your dream of tropical wonderment.

Because the goal is to bring a tropical oasis to your yard, the list of potential plants should be a bit easier to hone. There are certain plants that personify the tropics and including them in your landscape is a must. From beautiful flowering plants to towering palm trees, the choice is ultimately yours. To give you some inspiration to work with, we’ve included a handful of our favorites below.


Perhaps the quintessential tropical shrub, the hibiscus is known far and wide for its decorative quality and stunning blossoms. These gorgeous tropical plants bloom year-round and in a variety of colors, giving your Tampa Bay property non-stop tropical vibes. Given enough light, hibiscus is a hardy plant that will thrive. Just be sure to cover them in the rare instances where the temperature nears or drops below freezing.

A hibiscus plant, as shown, is the perfect tropical plant for a Florida tropical landscape.Ixora

Another plant that flowers year-round, the Ixora is a shrub that boasts glistening green leaves contrasted with blooms that range from orange and red to pink and white. They can grow quite large for a shrub, making them a versatile addition to your tropical landscape. Ixora is also drought and salt tolerant, making it a worthy addition to your Tampa Bay paradise.

Palm Trees

No tropical landscape is complete without palm trees. In Tampa Bay, there are a number of palm tree varieties that can adorn your property. Again, we’re a bit spoiled for choice in Florida!

Consider implementing a few different types of palm trees to give your landscape a truly tropical feeling. From the native sabal palm that can reach heights of 40 feet to the petite Phoenix roebelenii date palm, the spectrum of sizes, shapes, and styles that palms cover is shocking in a magnificent way.

Birds of Paradise

Bright, striking, and bearing a striking resemblance to a colorful bird, this plant is a common option for tropical landscapes. With glossy, banana-shaped leaves and stunning shades of orange, yellow, and blue, these native south-African plants feel like the ultimate choice for any tropical landscape.

A birds of paradise plant is shown here, a must-try tropical plant for your Florida landscape.

Ginger Plants

Ginger plants produce bright, beautiful little pink and yellow flowers that look–and feel–so tropical! As a plant that thrives in warmer, tropical temps, this reed-like plant often grows to be about 3-4 feet tall when properly cared for.

Other Must-Consider Options

Looking for options? Check out some of our other plants that make our tropical honorable mentions: Cordylines, False Aralias, Philodendrons, and Lilies.

Don’t Forget Landscaping Features

To fully enjoy your tropical Tampa Bay property, you want to immerse yourself in it and spend time outdoors. To do this comfortably, you should consider additional landscaping features such as walkways, water features, shade trees, lighting, and seating. By planning ahead and implementing these elements in strategic places, you can surround yourself with tropical plants and escape to your Florida bliss with ease. While the organic aspects of any landscape tend to steal the show, thoughtfully-incorporated manmade elements are the icing on the proverbial cake.

Find Your Paradise with Landcrafters

If an idyllic tropical landscape in Tampa Bay is what you’re looking for, you’re one step closer with Landcrafters. We have over two decades of experience helping Tampa Bay residents and second-homers design and realize their version of a tropical getaway. If you’d like to learn more about us, our process, and how we can help you transform your property into a dreamland, feel free to reach out to us.

You can also visit our blog for more informational landscaping ramblings and industry insights. We update it regularly with expert opinions, landscaping guides, and the occasional ode to our favorite Florida plants. It’s a fantastic resource for plant lovers, DIYers, and those who want to improve their Tampa Bay property. Best of all, we share our experience and expertise for absolutely free!