Hurricane Season in Tampa Bay is Coming: Is Your Property Ready?

Hurricane Season in Tampa Bay is Coming: Is Your Residential Property Ready?

If you are a Tampa Bay resident, you are familiar with the song and dance that accompany every hurricane season. Whether it’s a mild season where Tampa Bay escapes a direct hit or one of those years where we can’t seem to catch a break, preparedness is always essential. Like it or not, hurricane season in Tampa Bay is coming. So, are you ready?

Most Floridians have a checklist of hurricane prep that includes items like food, water, batteries, and more. If you live in Tampa Bay, you probably also have an evacuation route just in case.

While these steps are important to take and will be advantageous in the event of a storm, far too many Tampa Bay dwellers overlook a key component of hurricane prep and safety—getting their residential property ready for impact.

Why Preparing Your Tampa Bay Residential Property is Important

There is a reason that boarding up windows before the big storm hits is a cliché in Hollywood. Often, the danger associated with a hurricane is not the rain or power outage, but the debris picked up and hurled about by the wind.

Projectiles ranging from fallen branches to outdoor furniture can be incredibly dangerous and cause tremendous damage to your property. They can even put your life at risk.

In addition to the immediate mortal danger, the elements that accompany a hurricane can wreak havoc on your property. Wind can fall branches and entire trees, torrential rain can cause flooding, and the combination thereof can cause significant damage to your landscape, infrastructure, and home.

How to Prep Your Property for Hurricane Season

Getting your residential property in Tampa Bay ready for hurricane season is integral to protecting your family and your home. So, what are the necessary steps to take to make sure you and your property are prepared?

You’ve come to the right place—check out our hurricane preparedness checklist below!

A storm approaches as hurricane season in Tampa Bay begins.Remove Debris

Sometimes, debris can accumulate on your Tampa Bay property despite your best efforts. From small branches to materials from an unfinished project, clearing your property of loose, potentially hazardous debris is the first step to preparing for hurricane season.

Landscape Preemptively

Working with an experienced landscaper to identify areas of concern before a hurricane arrives is essential to preventing unnecessary damage to your property. Often, properties will have trees that could use preemptive pruning to make them less prone to the effects of wind.

In addition to removing suspect branches, a trained specialist can examine the root systems of the trees on your Tampa Bay property to determine if they are a liability in the face of extreme rain and wind. If a tree is a possible hazard, they may recommend removal or stabilization, especially if it is close to your home or another structure.

Secure Loose Objects

From hanging plants to outdoor furniture, your property is probably home to a variety of decorative and functional objects that could be damaged or become projectiles when a hurricane strikes. While you do not need to remove these objects immediately, you should catalog them so that you can quickly secure them when a storm is approaching.

Shore Up Your Infrastructure

Ensuring that the infrastructure on your Tampa Bay property is prepared for hurricane-force rain and wind, you may want to have an expert evaluate it.

Make sure your drainage system is properly designed and maintained to direct excess rainwater where it needs to go. This will prevent stagnant water, runoff, and other potentially damaging consequences of sub-par drainage.

You will also want to make sure your walkways, water features, lighting, and more will not become wildcards in the face of the elements, thereby damaging themselves and other aspects of the property.

Working with an expert will give you the insight you need to create a comprehensive picture of your Tampa Bay residential property and address any areas of concern.

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