3 Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Curb Appeal for Your Business

If you run a business, help to run a business, or play an important role in the management of a brick-and-mortar store, then you understand the importance of curb appeal. Sure, the way your building and campus look aren’t the most important thing about your business – that should be your products, services, customer care, and a dozen other elements – but it’s hard to deny that appearance is going to matter immensely to your customers, visitors, employees, and future clients.

That being said, you need to understand that first impressions are important. Customers – present or potential – are going to make snap judgements based on how it looks (whether conscious or unconscious), and that’s going to matter. From the moment a client pulls into the parking lot, to the second they’re walking back out of your building, the landscaping and lawn design is going to matter. An impressive, immaculate, and meticulous campus design is going to pull the right kind of punches and, if done right, will offer your visitors a feast for their senses.

We’ve been in the landscaping and lawn crafting business for decades, so we certainly understand the power of curb appeal. If you feel like you’re not doing all you can to boost your property’s curb appeal, we can help!

After several years of testing out procedures, trends, and methods, we’ve accumulated a few tried-and-true tips that can help to boost your property’s curb appeal, keep your customers happy, and positively influence your property. Read on to find out more about our methods!

Flora & Fauna

This is one of the most obvious recommendations (coming from a landscaping company, that is) to spruce up your property – but it’s obvious for a reason. Adding in Florida-durable plants, trees, and flowers, native or not, can automatically clean up your area, bring light to your lawn, and drawn in customers’ eyes.

Planting trees, placing shrubs, lining flowerbeds with bright pops of color, and crafting a beautiful, Florida-friendly-fauna section can help you to create a delightful, interesting environment, provide you with much-needed shade in the Florida summer, and even help boost your security, as well as your energy bills.

When it comes to the appropriate trees, shrubs, and flowers, it might feel like there’s a select few to plant in Florida – contrary to this belief, there’s plenty of native and non-native shrubbery and plant-life you can add into your property. Consider adding in things like Juniper, Drift Rose, and Ixora to help bring about texture in your design. Need more inspiration? Try, Malberry, Southern Magnolia, and Seagrape are great choices for shrubs and trees.

Want more examples? Check out our article on Florida-friendly trees and shrubs here.


This is a feature that people typically don’t consider when sprucing up their landscape design. Most of the time, people go straight to flower beds and shady trees. While these are great additions and can bring something special to your landscape, adding in landscaping lighting can give your property an entirely new, distinct appearance.

Outdoor lighting lining your flower beds, your signage, or even lighting dotting the trees on your property can be aesthetic additions that draw in customers, brighten your landscape, and entice people to spend more time on your property.

More than that, it can be an excellent safety feature for your landscape. Lighting provides an increase in safety by lighting up sidewalks, parking areas, reducing trip-and-fall accidents, and even prevent or deter criminal activity. If your landscape is in the shadows, there’s more room for shady activity. With lighting features, you can shine a safe light down on your landscape and continue to keep your property, and your visitors, safe.

Water Features

People rarely consider water features for their landscapes, but adding in a relaxing waterfall, a beautiful fountain, or a lively wishing well can do wonders for your property’s curb appeal. Not only is it an aesthetic dream to gaze upon a water feature next to a glorious, well-designed landscape, it will also help to capture your visitors’ senses. Imagine your customers walking through your landscape and hearing the soft, gentle trickle of water as it falls, then following that sound to gaze upon your glorious, thoughtful feature.


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