Incorporating Native Plants into Tampa Bay HOA Commercial Landscaping

While it’s not a competition, designing and maintaining the most beautiful Tampa Bay HOA commercial landscaping would be worthy of a medal. Of course, there are benefits to creating an eye-catching, welcoming HOA landscape beyond the accolades and bragging rights. The curb appeal can win over prospective buyers, and an aesthetic, thoughtful environment can make everyday life more peaceful and enjoyable.

Determining how to reach your HOA landscaping vision is a major first step in achieving the goals you have for it. For this process, we recommend working with an experienced and skilled landscaper local to the Tampa Bay area.

Once you have your basic concepts in place, there will be several considerations to make. One that tends to trip people up is whether to incorporate native plants or not and in what context and quantity.

Incorporating Native Plants into Tampa Bay HOA Commercial Landscaping

What are Native Plants?

Simply put, native plants are any form of plant life—including grasses, flowers, trees, and so on—that occurred naturally in an area without being brought by humans or transplanted from elsewhere. To use fancy words, native plants are indigenous to a particular region.

Why use Native Plants?

Populating your Tampa Bay commercial landscape with plants is a challenging proposition. There are hundreds of possibilities that can be laid out in infinite ways. The choices you make will play a direct role in the appearance of your Tampa Bay HOA property and the maintenance required to keep it looking pristine. Choosing native plants is advantageous on these and other fronts.

They Save Money and Reduce Maintenance

Because they are indigenous and have adapted to the climate, soil, and other elements at play in the Tampa Bay region, native plants tend to be more resilient than non-native alternatives. They thrive with fewer issues, require less maintenance, and even reduce the level of fertilizers, pesticides, and water you need to provide.

All of these factors contribute to a reduced level of required maintenance, less turnover, and substantial monetary savings—especially when considering the scale of certain Tampa Bay HOA landscapes.

They are Noninvasive

Plants that have been introduced to the Tampa Bay area are often gorgeous. They may even thrive in the hot, humid environment Florida is famous for. Sometimes, however, they are invasive. In situations such as these, aggressive non-native plants can take over a landscape, making them difficult to control. Worse, they can outcompete native plants, supplanting them in short order.

The result is two-fold. One, you may spend extra time and money trying to limit the spread of non-native plants as they overpower your HOA landscape. Two, the native plants that do exist in your area might suffer as a result, which contrasts with the next benefit of native plants.

The Florida palm tree, as shown here, is a big part of Tampa Bay HOA commercial landscaping because it's a native plant.

They Contribute to Biodiversity

Much of the wildlife in Florida—ranging from butterflies to birds—share a symbiotic relationship with native plants. The wildlife feeds on them and uses them as shelter, simultaneously helping the plants reproduce and stay healthy.

Opting for native plants contributes to a thriving wildlife population and keeps Florida’s unique ecosystem alive and well.

Native Plants are Pretty

Several of Florida’s native plants are quite lovely and can add a localized sparkle to your HOA commercial landscape in Tampa Bay. In addition to looking nice, native plants tend to bring a pop to your landscape year-round. After all, they have adapted to flourish in Florida no matter the season.

Incorporating Native Plants into Your HOA Landscape in Tampa Bay

Native plants can be a powerful resource in making your Tampa Bay HOA landscape the best that it can be. While they are not always the answer, they often provide tremendous benefits while being more cost-effective than non-native alternatives. From naturalizing open areas to creating a butterfly garden to blending native and non-native plants in your perennial borders, the potential applications for native Tampa Bay plants are practically limitless.

To learn more about native plants, including how to seamlessly incorporate them into your HOA property, feel free to reach out to us. With over 20 years of providing Tampa Bay commercial landscapes with stellar service, we are confident in our ability to help you realize your landscaping dreams.

You can also read our blog, which is packed with free tips and tricks like those found here. It is updated regularly, so check in frequently for more valuable landscaping knowledge.