Keep Your Lawn Green During The Summer Heat

Florida summertime can be really harsh on the plants in your yard, especially on the grass. That’s why so many lawns seem to die out during the drought, turning yellow and almost dusty. However, you can always see properties whose lawns look like lush green carpets, even though other ones in the area looks terrible. Evidently, it’s possible to keep your lawn healthy during the summer heat. Here are some things to help you get the grass in your yard endure the summer.

Be Smart About Watering The Lawn


Keep Your Lawn Green One of the worst things you can do to your lawn is watering it during the midday heat. By doing so, you get the grass in the state of shock, and basically kill large parts of it. The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning. It allows the grass to go through all the natural processes of using the water to maintain its health. However, early morning is the time when you’ll either be sleeping or preparing for work. If you can’t water the grass during the early hours (or if you don’t have an automatic irrigation system), do it in the evening. Yes, this is not a perfect solution because it can cause a certain amount of trouble to the grass, but it’s still way better than doing it while the sun is up.

Most people think they should water their lawns more frequently during the summer months. It makes sense. But, it is not necessary. Just like the animals, the plants can be trained, too. You can easily prepare your lawn to fight the heat wave better. Water your lawn a couple of times each week, but do it more intensely. By letting your grass area soak in water, you help it grow a deeper root system. And deeper roots mean that the grass will use the moisture from the soil more efficiently when the drought kicks in.

Adjust Your Mowing Habits


The grass slows down (and sometimes completely stops) its growth during the summer months. This is mostly because the plants are using most of their energy to stay alive. Therefore, you don’t have to mow a lawn in such frequency as you did during the spring when the grass was booming. Also, it might be a good thing to adjust the height of your mower. Cut the grass at a taller point than usual. This will help the grass recover from the stress faster – which is crucial when it’s also being attacked by the blistering sun.

Consider Installing A Water System

installing water system

Having a modern and sustainable water system means a lot of things for you and your household. First of all, it can hugely help with irrigation and drainage. You’ll be able to water your grass more efficiently. But, you’ll also ensure there is no excess water on the lawn, damaging the grass and other plants. You finally don’t have to think about the atmospheric influences that much. Installing a quality irrigation and drainage system takes care of your lawn. It helps your grass remain green and healthy even during the toughest droughts.

An effective water system also helps you decrease the water usage and save money. Which is always a good thing, but is especially so during the summertime. On the other hand, the system enables you to save a significant amount of time. Time, which you can spend with your family members or friends, or simply watch a movie or a game on TV.

In The End – Enjoy The Summer

Enjoy The Summer

Summertime is a time to unwind and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. And what better way to enjoy it than by relaxing in the privacy of your own garden? Simply put, if you manage to get your lawn to the perfect condition, and keep your grass green during the heat, you’re actually helping yourself. To have a great summer.