Landscape Around Your Pool: Everything You Need to Know

You stare at your inground pool in your lovely (albeit plainly landscaped) backyard and you see a world of possibilities. Will you create a lush, Tropical, Florida wonderland? Do you plan to design a modern-yet-modest landscape plan? What will you do for shade? Will you add flowerbeds? Palm trees! You have to have palm trees, right?

There are, undoubtedly, thousands of questions zinging around your head. And you know? We can’t blame you. We’ve been in the landscaping business in Florida for over twenty years and still the prospect of a blank canvas pool area is an exciting, thrilling, landscaping dream for us.

But there’s more to pool landscaping than just looks. There’s functionality and form to consider. There’s practicality and pragmatism that you need to balance with your prettiness. It’s more than just questions of “green or tropical?” or “exotic or lush?”

There are tons of factors you’ll need to consider. If this sounds overwhelming, fear not – we’re here to gift you with the pool landscaping insight we’ve honed and perfected over the past two decades! Check out our pool landscaping guide below that’s packed with tips, tricks, advice, and insight about your pool landscaping plans.

Theming Starts it All Off

It’s the first step, but it’s the hardest part. Deciding on what kind of pool landscape you want – what sort of theme, what kind of feeling, etc. – is going to be the ultimate first decision to set you off on your pool landscaping expedition. Ask yourself what you value. Do you want a tropical, lush paradise you can escape to? Do you want to focus on a private, Zen area that’s just for you? Or do you want an open, welcoming environment that the neighborhood wouldn’t hesitate to jump into? Remember that landscaping isn’t just about the plants, flora, and fauna you plan to incorporate – you’ll need to consider lighting, privacy, safety, drainage, soil, maintenance, and of course, the overall aesthetic. We suggest deciding on exactly what kind of vibe you want your pool to give off before you dive into buying all the separate pieces. Do your research, find your inspiration, and chat with us about your dream pool landscape!

Let’s Talk Plants

This is, without question, the best part of designing your pool’s landscape. This is the part where you get to pick the lush plants, gorgeous blooms, and colorful fauna that you’ve been dreaming of! There are endless options when it comes to the types of plants you can implement in your pool landscape, but before you dive into the creative part, let’s talk function first.

It’s important that the plants you’re going to use in your landscape design aren’t going to make your life (or maintenance routine) too much harder. Consider how safe the plants are near your pool – will they fall? Topple into the pool while you’re in there? Be a hazard for your family? Also consider how those plants and trees will shed their leaves, flowers, and fruits. Will it be harder to clean up out of your pool? Will it harm the health of your pool water? Will it attract unwanted pests and diseases toward your landscape area? Consider these factors first before you add in plants, flowers, and trees purely based off aesthetic (it’s tempting, we know).

Consider using big, potted plants that keep dirt and soil confined to make your life a little easier. Not only will these types of plants keep soil in the pot, you can also boost your decorating spirit by adding in fun, colorful, or understated pots to your landscape design. Planters function in a similar way – you can spice up your aesthetic all while keeping function in mind.

Remember, plants, trees, and hedges, can contribute heavily to the look and feel of the space and add to the theme you’re shooting for. There are tons of factors to consider – color, texture, height, theme, and more. Consider using native, Florida plants in order to make the establishment process easier, and to help avoid any unwanted pest or diseases for your pool plants.


Have You Thought About Privacy?

As we briefly mentioned, privacy is a factor you’ll need to consider when you’re planning for your pool. It’s probable that you won’t want your pool area entirely open to the neighborhood, but you also might not care if your neighbors can see what you and your family are doing in the pool. Consider how much it matters to you.

If privacy is key for you, think about adding in fencing for your pool area. Things like perimeter fencing and safety fencing can help keep people out, eyes averted, and your privacy in check. If you’re looking for the very basics, wood perimeter fencing might be perfect for you. If you’re hoping for something a little fancier, chat with us about ornamental fencing with a decorative touch. Another option for privacy is adding in tall hedges and trees to block you, your pool, and your family from peoples’ view. High shrubs, tall hedges, and bushy trees that are planned strategically around your pool can be a decorative, natural way to keep your privacy in check. As an added benefit, it will probably keep your outdoor space cooler during those hot, Florida summers.

Consider the Hard Surfaces Near Your Pool

Like we said, designing your pool landscape is about more than just the plants — you should mix up your textures and put some extra emphasis on those hard surfaces you’ll include in your pool landscaping design. Are you interested in pavers with an eye-catching design near your pool? Do you think a concrete deck would look ideal (especially now with the fancy color-changing concrete options that are available)? Do you want to mix it up with a beautiful stone walkway? There are millions of options when it comes to adding hard surfaces to your pool landscape – just make sure they’re helping to serve a purpose with your pool’s landscape design!

Drainage Has to Be a Factor

Even if you don’t think you need drainage for your pool, it’s possible that you need drainage for your pool. Designing your pool landscaping should have a huge focus on where your pool is located in relation to your house, plants, and lawn in general. If your pool is on an incline, you can bet that excess water (which runs downhill) is going to make its debut in your house or in your yard. This can drown plants, mess up the landscape you worked so hard to design and maintain, and even harm the health of your pool water. Consider helpful design tips like French drains, land reshaping, and even dry creek beds in your landscape in order to help your pool drain correctly and avoid any damage for your landscape.

Want More Features? You Can Have Them All

But pool landscaping doesn’t stop at just what types of plants and fences you can include. There are millions of factors to decide on. Do you want to implement giant stones or pebbles to give your pool landscape a secret garden feel? Do you want big, luscious trees to shade your landscape and offer you more privacy? Do you want to include a reflective pool near your pool to make your space a bit more introspective? What about tiki torches or other types of soft lighting? There are endless options when it comes to landscaping your pool area, and no idea is too outlandish for us!


Did you love our pool landscaping guide? We sure hope you did! At Landcrafters, we want (more than anything) for our customers to feel informed, satisfied, and ready when it comes time to begin their landscaping plans. If you want to discuss your pool area, get a free quote from us, or just chat about your options, give our office a call at (727)-201-3947 Want other tips and tricks for different landscaping ideas? We’ve got plenty of those. Check out our website and our blog for your guide to all things Florida landscape!