Landscape Designs that Define Florida

Landscape Designs that Define Florida

Creating a vivid, visually appealing landscape in Florida is a treat. After all, the state is known far and wide for its fantastic year-round weather, tropical nature, and lush landscape.

Designing and implementing the perfect Florida landscape does present a challenge due to the sheer number of possible elements. From considering aesthetics to ensuring your property will endure the next hurricane season, a myriad of factors influences the final design of your landscape.

So, what are some of the most important landscape designs that define Florida?

We’re glad you asked! Read on for a list of the key design elements that you should consider when planning your ideal Florida landscape.

Out is the New In

Remember that amazing year-round weather we mentioned? You can actually take advantage of that unique Florida benefit when designing your landscape.

By using outdoor space in a more traditionally indoor way, you can create an environment that encourages people to spend more time outside. Not only does this make your property more usable, but it also gives residents, employees, visitors, and so on the opportunity to enjoy nature in comfort.

From building large features like screened-in porches that include climate control, entertainment, kitchens, and more, to simply adding comfortable water-resistant furniture to a pre-existing outdoor area (such as a pool), the possibilities are endless when you begin looking at your landscape as livable space!

Plan for the Seasons

Without the natural Fall hallmark of brightly colored leaves or Winter coating of snow, it can sometimes be easy to overlook the changing of the seasons in Florida.

If the state won’t signal the new season, your landscape can and should. Planning subtle changes to your property to coincide with the shifting seasons can add a unique dynamic to your property, create visual contrast, and liven up the area to reflect the spirit of the current time of the year.

There are a variety of plants that bloom at different times, giving you options when it comes to seasonal landscape design. You can even branch out by considering different types of decorative elements dependent on the time of year, including different colored mulches and rock beds!


Florida may be paradise to many, but it still faces climate challenges that can affect your landscape. Extreme weather, including heavy rainfall and strong winds, is not uncommon in the Sunshine State. Also common are areas that experience standing water.

Knowing the risks of your particular property can help you properly prepare for such challenges by selecting the right plants and designing your landscape in a suitable way. Choosing hardy plants that can withstand extreme winds can help protect buildings, for example.

You’ll also want to opt for plants that can survive areas of prolonged wetness, high heat, and other expected obstacles of the Florida climate. Consulting with your local landscape expert is a surefire way to ensure the plants and features you incorporate into your landscape design will withstand and thrive through anything Florida throws at them.

Ditch the Drainage Issues

Rainstorms are notorious in Florida. They strike without much warning and can bring heavy runoff to even the most prepared properties. Thankfully, there are more aesthetically pleasing ways to control drainage than gutters and the like.

Often referred to as rain gardens thanks to their ability to deter runoff and protect your property from drainage issues while still being beautiful, plant beds filled with rocks (to make a permeable layer) and deep-rooted plants are a fantastic addition to any Florida landscape.

When designing and implementing a rain garden, you should work closely with a landscape expert who can ensure that yours will not suffer from erosion or other avoidable downfalls.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to Florida landscaping, and that’s a good thing! After all, your property should be yours and reflect your vision. While these quintessential Florida landscape elements are great additions to any property, they can be designed to fit your unique dream landscape.

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