The Top Landscaping Tricks to Attract More Summer Visitors

The Top Landscaping Tricks You Need to Know to Attract More Visitors This Summer

It’s Florida’s prime season, the season of sunshine and sweat—the weather is hot, the sun is bright, and we’re all doing our best not to let our sweat stains show. As Florida landscapers who have been happily working in the Florida heat for 20 years, we’re well-acquainted with how Florida summers work. In other words, we know they’re good and bad.

For example, we love a Florida summer because we get to really amp up the tropical, summertime vibes of our customers’ landscapes. But, we also know that summer can be difficult for commercial businesses trying to draw in visitors because it’s just too dang hot.

But you don’t need to resign yourself to the summertime blues. In our 20 years of working Florida summers, we’ve come up with some seriously effective tips and tricks for helping commercial businesses in the area attract new visitors and draw in customers all by implementing a few amazing landscaping tricks.

Have we piqued your interest? We thought so. Check out these 6 summertime landscaping tips and tricks for Florida-based commercial businesses!

Water Features Go a Long Way—Especially in Florida

While we can’t always advise that every commercial business go full-splash-park-mode in their landscape (as great as that would be), water features are an awesome option for Florida businesses who want to attract summer-time visitors. Not only do water features—like fountains and sprinklers and waterfalls, etc.—add to the aesthetics of your landscape, they’re calming, soothing, and great little reminders that your commercial business is making the effort to cool their visitors down during a heat wave.

Add in Colorful, Tropical Vibes

This is Florida summer, people—it’s the perfect time to bring out the tropical vibes and bright pops of color. When else and where else can you go full-island mode with big palms and bright pops of tropical flowers? Consider switching out some of your flower beds, planting new palms, and really leaning into the tropical vibes this season!

Sustainable + Eco-Friendly Features

This piece of advice isn’t summer-specific, but we’d be doing you a huge disservice to keep it from you.  Going green, being eco-friendly, and utilizing sustainable practices is a huge trend in landscaping right now (in fact, it’s one of the biggest trends for parks and public spaces in Florida, currently). Consider revitalizing your landscape practices to be more sustainable (like recycling your clippings, monitoring your use of pesticides and herbicides, switching out your motorized equipment for electric, and investing in smart irrigation) and adding in fun, eco-friendly features that do more than just look pretty. Consider fun things like greenspaces, community gardens, edible gardens, walking or hiking trails, outdoor community kitchens, and more!

Dog-Friendly Areas

You probably already know that people are more than obsessed with their pups (we don’t blame them, we’re dog people, too!) As much as you want to, you might not be legally allowed to let pups inside your establishment with their owners, but, that doesn’t mean you have to turn away all the dog loving visitors. Consider setting up a dog-friendly area that visitors can bring their pups. Landscape it with beautiful—but safe for doggo— flowers, put out fresh water, carve out a good stretch of grass (with a fence, perhaps) where pups can run and play freely. We can guarantee that a well-designed, well-maintained pet area will work wonders for bringing in summer-time visitors.

More Wildlife, More Visitors

Florida summer is the perfect time to plant the amazing flora and fauna that both looks beautiful and does something remarkable, like attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. People love to see wildlife enjoying your landscape, and we can pretty much guarantee if you’re planting flowers to attract wildlife, people will, in turn, be attracted to your landscape.

Keep it Well-Maintained

If you’re investing a ton of time, effort, money, and more into designing a beautiful, visitor-friendly landscape, you probably already know that taking care of that landscape is one of the most important tasks you’ll need to take on. You can throw in all the water features, edible gardens, and dog parks you want, but if you’re not making the effort to keep them well-maintained, no one is going to want to visit these areas. Our best advice? Work with a landscaping company who knows how much this matter and can work with you to keep your property clean, welcoming, and beautiful!

Ready to implement a few of these sweet features into your commercial landscape (or a little bit of each?)—feel free to reach out to us with questions, ideas, and more inspo! You can give us a call at (727)-201-3947 or check out our contact page to send us a direct inquiry. Ready to learn even more about Florida landscaping, stay up-to-date on the latest trends, and be inspired by all the landscaping info you could ever want? Keep up with our regularly updated blog for tips, tricks, and dreamy ideas!