Save Money By Checking Your Landscape’s Storm-Preparedness

During the recent years, we’ve witnessed a lot of near-catastrophic storms not only in the United States, but all over the world. According to most of the scientists exploring and studying weather patterns and climate changes, things are only going to get worse over the next couple of decades. Unfortunately, Florida’s micro location ensures most of the hurricanes appearing close to the region of the Gulf of Mexico either hit our state or pass close by.

We all know how harmful can a violent summer storm be to our local communities. The most violent ones can even destroy entire homes. The thing is, you can’t know in advance how powerful a storm is going to be. What you can do is lower the risks and be as prepared as possible. When it comes to storm-proofing your landscape, there are a lot of things you can do yourself to minimize the damage. But, it’s maybe a better idea not to leave anything to a chance and have experienced professionals assess the risks.

Invest In Your Safety

Repairing the damages made by a violent storm to your garden space can be very costly and time-consuming. But, there is also a question of safety. Safety of the objects located on the property, safety of your vehicle(s), but most importantly, safety of your family members. Your drainage system may not be fully functional, and a heavy rainfall may cause the flooding of the turf and even the house. A dead branch can fall down under the influence of strong winds and break anything located underneath.

Having an experienced landscaping operator come over and inspect your property might be the best investment you’ve made in a while. You are going to be sure you’ve done everything in your power to eliminate the threat. Also, the field team specialists will make sure all the vegetation is as protected as possible. If needed, they can even install a lightning protection in the most suitable place.

What To Do After The Storm

OK, now that you’ve got the storm preparation covered, it’s time to think about what to do immediately after the sky clears up. You might have ensured there are no major damages to your property and the greenery located all across the yard. But, some of the small branches may fall down. Plus, there will be a lot of debris, including leaves, dispersed all over the garden area. Often, you won’t have the time (nor the will) to go out and carefully pick up every single piece of debris by hand.

The solution – call your landscape specialists to help you with storm clearance. Usually, they will add in a free inspection of the property, making sure there are no hidden damages to the plants or the turf. They’ll also get your yard back to the perfect condition so fast that you’ll be able to enjoy a cold beer lying in a hammock in the middle of your garden – within hours.