Landscaping Around Pools at HOA and Multi-Family Properties

Landscaping Around Pools at HOA and Multi-Family Properties

Florida is known for many things, from the natural (beautiful palm trees, pristine beaches, and unique landscapes) to the manmade (massive theme parks) to the truly bizarre (Florida man, anyone?). Perhaps most consistent of Florida’s strange and varied persona, though, is pool ownership. That’s right, Florida ranks second out of all the states in pools per capita!

You’re probably not surprised by the proliferation of pools in Florida. After all, the weather inspires bathing suits and water activities for more than half the year. What you may be surprised by is the challenges landscapers can face with pools at HOA and multi-family properties.

How do you create landscaping that contributes to the right poolside vibe—fun and relaxation—without making maintenance more difficult and more expensive? Well, we’re glad you asked because we think we may have some answers. Read on to find out!

Keeping it Clean

Lush green leaves and bright pops of colors from flowers. Natural privacy and a safe shade haven from the beaming sun. Tropical palms and other paradise-creating plants. Do you see where we’re going with this?

Landscaping around pools is necessary for a lot of reasons. It adds to the mood, it provides shelter, and it truly completes the pool package. The problem, though, is obvious—plants shed leaves, drop blooms, and otherwise contribute to creating a mess that can put a damper on the spirit of summer, fill the pool with debris, and even clog pool filters.

Because of these issues, it’s important to be intentional about what plants you choose, their distance from the pool itself, and how frequently you need (or want) to maintain them. Avoiding plants with excess shed, whether its berries, blooms, leaves, nuts, or anything else, is vital!

There are alternatives that can help keep the pool area clean, such as screen enclosures, but these have several drawbacks, including obstructing the sun, requiring maintenance, and being expensive. It’s better to solve the landscaping challenges outright rather than putting a band-aid on the problem!

Staying Safe

Pools are inherently dangerous. With crowds of people mingling both in and around the water, children getting too excited, and other summertime elements adding to the risk—such as roughhousing, alcoholic beverages, and so on—it’s imperative that safety is prioritized.

Placing signage in highly visible locations—and keeping it unobstructed—will not only help keep the “P” out of “Pool,” but will also help maintain everyone’s safety. Incorporating thorough, well-placed lighting into the landscape design will also provide safety when the party rocks on into the night. Finally, ensuring that the plants you’ve chosen to surround the pool are free from thorns or sharp protrusions will keep people safe should they accidentally walk on or fall into them!

Groundcover Goodness

Mulch is kind of the go-to groundcover for most landscaping projects, and for good reason. Around pools, though, it’s typically best to choose an alternative that isn’t as rough on bare feet and isn’t as likely to clog pool filters.

Larger stones are a solid (pun intended) alternative that look great, won’t clog filters, and won’t give you splinters! River rocks are especially good for these purposes as they tend to be smooth and aesthetically fitting.

Another viable option is using plant ground cover. Various low-growing plants can replace mulch or rocks in areas that don’t see as much foot traffic, allowing you to add variety and intrigue to your around the pool landscaping!

Pools are a staple of Florida life, which is no surprise given that summer lasts for most of the year! If you’re looking to elevate your pool to the next level aesthetically and functionally, start with the landscaping. Not only will it make the pool more inviting, but proper landscaping will also help keep people safe and reduce the cost and effort needed for maintenance.

Landcrafters has been a leader in the commercial landscape management industry in Florida for over 20 years and has tremendous experience designing pool-friendly environments. If you’re interested in our services or have questions, please feel free to reach out via our contact page or by phone at (727)-201-3947.