Struggling to Reign in Incumbent Tenants? It’s Time to Landscape

As a commercial landscape owner who rents out space – whether it be a retail center, a condo building, or something else – you know that keeping tenants satisfied is the end-all-be-all of your company’s existence. What your tenants think about the space that they’re renting matters, and more than that, what they think about you matters, too. That kind of caring, considering, and focus on the future are the kind of features that keep tenants happy and satisfied with their space in the long term.

But what about when that’s simply not enough? What about when you need to employ the big guns in order to persuade your tenants that looking elsewhere or discontinuing their lease simply isn’t the right way to go? Where do you turn to help convince them that you (obviously) care about their happiness, well-being, and satisfaction with their space?

We’ve got two words for you: Commercial. Landscaping.

Commercial landscaping on your property says a lot about your company, the way you care for your tenants, and makes a huge case for the longevity of your relationships with your tenants. But how?

Leave it to us to explain.

At Landcrafters, we’re more than just landscapers, we’re relationship experts who’ve been in the business of keeping people happy for over two decades – experience like that doesn’t come without success, and that success is something we’re happy to share with you.

So, the next time you have a tenant who thinks they might not want to renew their lease, simply drop the good news about commercial landscaping plans you have and explain these few facts about what that means for their lease, their space, and their future.

You Can Promise a Decrease in their Energy Bills

Everyone is happier when they’re saving money, right? That’s an easy one. Of course, everyone’s happier when they’re saving money. Did you know that commercial landscaping can actually reduce energy bills and (you guessed it) save you — and your tenants– money? To quote a famous rapper, if you don’t know, now you know. Commercial buildings eat up a ton of energy to heat and cool, something that affects both you and your tenants. But with smart, energy-efficient landscaping planning, you can dramatically cut down on those costs. How, you ask? Consider planting big, leafy, sun-blocking trees in a direction that shade east-facing and west-facing windows or walls. That’ll provide plenty of relief from the sun in the early morning hours and in the afternoons as the sun sinks down. Not only will your landscape look lush and beautiful, you’ll be able to cut down on the costs to cool your building because the sun won’t be baking your property anymore. In addition, planting big, leafy hedges close to your building can help with insulation costs in the winter.

Who Wouldn’t Want to Look at That Beautiful Landscape?

Okay, okay, this is purely aesthetic, but seriously, who wouldn’t want to look at a beautiful landscape every single day? Not only can you count on this providing a positive atmosphere for your tenants, you can assure them that clients or guests they bring into their residence or office are going to have a much more pleasant experience staring out the window at lush plants and trees than a plot of sand and dirt. A happier experience means more time spent in an area, which, for businesses, can translate to more money spent in that area. Outdoor spaces, community areas, and fun features in your landscape can also provide incentive for your tenants to renew their leases. Where else will they find a property manager or owner that cares about their well-being so much they’re willing to provide them with a meditation garden, or water features, or a common area with a barbecue, fire pit, or lounging area? Here are a few additional ideas to beef up your common areas and some inspiration for additional features you can add to your landscape.

Property Perception Will Skyrocket

We’re not bashing security expenses that you might need to keep your building safe, but we are here to say that the cost to landscape your property is going to be much, much cheaper than adding in safety features like cameras, guards, and more. What does this mean? A well-placed tree, high shrub, or security fence is going to boost the community’s perception of your property, giving the impression it’s being further secured. Additionally, with good landscape lighting and proper maintenance, your landscape is going to be perceived a certain way, which, in theory, should reduce crimes in your area and especially on your property.

Not to Mention Property Value!

If you have some tenants second-guessing resigning your lease, it’s the perfect time to release the info that you’re looking to improve your commercial landscaping. In fact, it’s fair to say that there’s a direct correlation between happy, high-occupancy tenant areas and the quality of the landscape in the commercial area. No one wants to write home about an office park or residential area that’s ragged, unkempt, and unorganized. Tenants get excited about maintained landscape, beautiful plants and trees, and additional landscaping features. Tenants want to know that the owner who they’re renting space from is going to care about the upkeep of their property so they can feel proud to bring in clients, customers, friends, family, and more. They pay you to ensure that the property looks good, right, so, making good on that promise and providing quality commercial landscape is certainly the ticket toward getting tenants to re-sign and drawing in new ones.


We hope our article on commercial landscaping was more than just entertaining – we hope it was informative and helpful! We suggest giving this a try on your tenants to see if commercial landscaping could be the just the ticket in convincing them to resign their lease! We’d love to know how this worked out for you and are more than pleased to offer our services to you in other ways! To get in touch with us, give our office a call at (727)-201-3947. Stay updated with our weekly blog that gifts you with landscaping tips, tricks, and inspiration that puts Pinterest to shame!