Landscaping for Privacy in HOA Commercial Properties in Tampa Bay

Creating a commercial HOA property in Tampa Bay requires a comprehensive approach to landscaping. From crafting outdoor gathering places to maintaining safe, well-lit walkways, there is a myriad of vital aspects to consider when establishing a plan, developing a property, and maintaining a pristine HOA landscape.

Proper HOA landscaping can benefit your community in a number of ways that range from increased property values to an improved community experience. In other words, it’s an incredibly important piece of the HOA puzzle and a key component in protecting your investment. That’s why working with a professional Tampa Bay landscaping company is the best way to ensure your property reaches its full potential.

While you want to foster a sense of community, creating privacy for both the property as a whole and the residents of that property is essential. Thankfully, landscaping can be used strategically to do just that while contributing to the beautiful environment your HOA residents love.

Creating Private Landscapes in HOA Commercial Properties in Tampa Bay

Implementing landscape design elements that contribute to privacy comes with pros and cons. It may seem as simple as planting hedges or installing fences, but the reality is that privacy should be incorporated in thoughtful ways to limit the downsides that accompany it.

For example, a natural barrier of plants may block prying eyes from gazing into your HOA commercial properties in Tampa Bay, but it can also disrupt the flow of your community. The same is true of open spaces—if you want to create community, the isolation that can come from poorly-designed privacy elements can have the opposite effect.

Striking a balance between establishing privacy and keeping an open, social community should be the goal, and that’s where the experience and expertise of a professional landscaping company in Tampa Bay truly shines.

Growing Privacy Hedges

With the lush climate of Tampa Bay at your fingertips, there are practically endless options you can use to bring a bit of privacy to your HOA property. You aren’t limited to fences and manmade structures (though these have their place on certain properties). Instead, you can add privacy via natural elements that serve multiple purposes at once.

Privacy hedges are a phenomenal example of this versatility, as they can be used to beautify a property and create a visually impenetrable wall. Thanks to Florida’s environment in which many plants can thrive year-round, using hedges for privacy isn’t limited to certain seasons. The ability to create privacy hedges from a variety of plants gives HOA commercial properties the opportunity to choose those that best complement their landscape design.

Formal privacy hedges, for example, may suit properties that are more traditional, value symmetry, or wish to keep maintenance to a minimum. If you want to lean into a more natural aesthetic, however, you may opt for informal privacy hedges. While these accomplish the same goals as their formal counterparts, they do so in a different ways.

Informal privacy hedges are known for having more natural edges. Think of them as the shag haircut of landscaping. They are fashionable, accomplish the goal at hand, and work in a variety of settings. Many modern HOA landscapes choose this route to create visual texture, reduce the need for frequent trimming, and create opportunities for more stylistic variety.

Planting in Layers

Florida is known for its open expanses of sandy beaches, ocean views, and welcoming landscapes populated with palm trees and vibrant pops of floral colors. Dense, oppressive blocks of plants are not common in the Sunshine State, and most HOA properties like to keep it that way. Rather than opting for privacy hedges that rise like leafy walls from the earth, consider using layered planting to create a similar effect without forsaking the Tampa Bay area’s coastal vibes.

The concept is simple, and the effect is profound. Essentially, you layer by placing taller plants to strategically provide privacy where needed. Smaller ornamental plants are then placed in front of them to create visual intrigue and break up the monotony of the taller plants. This prevents the privacy hedge from being boring (or looming), while giving you the creative freedom to take your HOA commercial landscape in any direction you choose.

For example, you may choose Bay Laurels to build a privacy hedge thanks to their dense foliage. In front of that layer, you may add some texture in the form of palm trees (perhaps Areca Palms) and Fountain Grass. Finally, some Florida flowers bring the entire layered masterpiece together by adding beautiful blooms. It’s like the best of both the privacy and aesthetic worlds!

Getting Creative with Privacy Plants

Putting Florida’s plant life to work doesn’t mean treating privacy like a nail and plants like a hammer. You can get creative with privacy plants and incorporate them in unique, subtle, and even artistic ways. Depending on the circumstances—say, around the community pool—thinking outside the box (and inside the container) is the better choice.

Two fun and effective ways to use plants to create privacy are to incorporate vines and strategically place container plants. Vines can be extremely effective at blocking views, and they tend to be easy to implement. Simply place your trellises, plant your vines, and enjoy the partitions they create as they grow.

Similarly, potted plants can be used in moderation to improve privacy in a tasteful manner. The containers themselves add to the visual element of this technique and serve to increase the height of the plants. As a bonus benefit, container plants can be moved in case the future needs of your HOA property change or a space is used in multiple ways throughout the year.

Manmade Structures Have a Place

As a landscaping company, our passion is plants. However, we understand and appreciate the big picture and every detail that composes it. From walkways and lighting to water features and entrances, if it contributes to a gorgeous commercial property in Tampa Bay, we’re fully invested.

When it comes to privacy for your HOA commercial property, manmade features have a place. They can play a significant role in providing residents with the privacy they crave while adding a special touch to the landscape as a whole. This is especially true in Florida, where privacy structures can also act as shade.

In addition to privacy fences, which are a bit of a given and a staple of many HOA properties, structures like pergolas are a wonderful way to create usable private space. Whether it’s poolside or in a grassy public area, pergolas and similar structures can add a touch of privacy without disrupting your landscape or detracting from the aesthetic qualities you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Your Secrets are Safe with Landcrafters

You can crave a bit of privacy in your HOA commercial community without having secrets to keep, but either way, Landcrafters has the expertise, experience, and skill to help you incorporate elements of privacy in stunning ways. No matter what differentiates your HOA Tampa Bay property from the others, we will work with you to help it realize its full potential, including just the right touch of privacy.

To learn more about Landcrafters and how we can work together, contact us. Our team will gladly answer any questions you might have. In the meantime, feel free to peruse our landscaping blog. We pour our over 20 years of experience in the Tampa Bay area into every article, so if you want to learn about landscaping, it’s an irreplaceable resource!