The Best Landscaping Ideas for Cute Commercial Shops

The Best Landscaping Ideas for Cute Commercial Shops

Cafes. Coffeeshops. Quaint, little restaurants. Pop-up Shops.

They’re all different commercial businesses, but they all have something very important in common—their space. Typically, these types of commercial endeavors are embarking on their business ventures in a teensy, tiny, itty-bitty space. And you know what? In a lot of ways, that’s awesome—lower overhead costs, less space to keep up with, and of course, an easier way to keep an eye on your business.

A small space has its downsides of course, too.  You don’t have the seemingly infinite space that a complex or an office building might.

But you know what? Those downsides don’t have to include epic landscaping. While it’s easy to run with the idea that you need a big, spacious, green lawn to create amazing landscape design, that’s not the case! Our experts have been crafting gorgeous, innovative landscape designs in small spaces for over 20 years. And you know what? We’re pretty dang good at it, too.

We’re here to tell you that whether you have 6,000 square feet or 600, we can help you create an amazing, scintillating landscape that draws in customers, is easy to care for, and gives your commercial space that flair it needs (no matter how teeny tiny it is).

That’s what this blog post is all about.

Read on to get a better idea of how you can revamp your space and bring some serious revolution to your coffee shop, café, pop-up store, tiny restaurant, and more!

Pops of Unique Flowers

If you’re working with a tiny space, it’s actually a blessing in disguise. Why? You’re free to be as bold as you want! Bright pops of awesome color from unique plants are often more well-received in tiny areas because you don’t have to add so many of the same plant to ensure everything matches. With a smaller space, you’ve got more eclectic freedom— don’t be afraid to throw in some eye-popping color to draw people in. Check out our list here of some Florida flowers that might be the perfect fit for your tiny space!

Teensy, Interesting Add-Ons

If you love great landscape features but are concerned your space is too small to really integrate them, stop right there—no matter how big or small your space is, we can help make your landscape design dreams come true.

If you want interesting, unique features, guess what? You’re going to get them. All we need to do is scale them back!

Consider amazing, interesting features like hanging plants, wall-mounted planters, life-size terrariums, and more. Don’t be afraid to get funky and creative!

Get Vertical

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I’ll never have the space to add on all the awesome flora and fauna I want,” we’ve got some advice for you—stop thinking horizontally. Readjust your brain, tilt your head to the side, and look up—vertical space can provide you with just as much space! Think about trellises, arbors, and even living walls—these add-ons can let you integrate all the beautiful flowers and plants you want while drawing your customers’ eyes up—giving the illusion of more space!

Large Container Plants

Feeling bummed that you don’t have room to plant those big, Florida palms you’ve always wanted? Disappointed that your tiny space doesn’t leave you much…well, space, for the bold trees and tall plants that you love?

Just because you’re in a teeny spot doesn’t mean you can’t go big. This is where large container plants totally save the day. With potted plants, you really don’t need a ton of horizontal space. Pick something that grows vertical that takes up a specified amount of surface area. Of course, there are a few things you’ll need to consider when it comes to perfecting the potted plant trend—check out our article here on how to properly implement the perfect potted plant.

Trend: Landscape AS the Focal Point

This is more of a creative exercise than a “do-this-right-now” tip. Instead of thinking about what landscape features you could add to your space to improve your commercial business, start thinking about landscape as the decorative focal point. A simple switch in your perspective can really help you out creatively. Take a look at this article written about a pop-up shop from Glossier (a skincare and makeup brand). Though they’re working with a small space, they created a pop-up shop where landscape was the focal point—meadow like hills, locally sourced flowers, etc. To sum it up, the whole shop is basically a terrarium. Pretty cool, right? It goes to show what can happen when you allow landscape to totally infiltrate your design space.

Relief from the Shade

No matter how cute and adorable your outdoor space is, here’s the reality, people: we live in Florida. If you’re not providing your customs a much-needed break from the hot Florida sunshine, they probably won’t want to sit outside. Ensure you’ve got great shade, awesome seating, and maybe even some cooling fans outside if you truly want to properly utilize your outdoor space!

BONUS TIP: Don’t Forget About Maintenance

Of course (like we always say), your landscape design efforts are going to be totally fruitless if you’re not taking care of your space. Maintenance—especially when you’re a commercial industry—is everything. Partner with a company who can help you keep your landscape looking beautiful, well-kempt, and properly maintained!

Are you loving our small space landscaping ideas? Does your teeny-tiny commercial space need a little revamp? Feel free to reach out to us to chat about this article, your ideas, or unique possibilities for your space! Give us a call at (727)-201-3947 or send us a direct inquiry from our contact page here. Want more landscaping inspo? You’re in luck. We like to share something new every week on our regularly updated blog. Keep up to stay in-the-know about landscaping trends, inspo, design, and more!