8 Landscaping Ideas To Really Boost Curb Appeal

Let’s talk about high-impact landscaping and why it might do wonders for YOUR garden. Whether you would like to increase the value of your property prior to the upcoming sale, or simply to quickly reinvent your outdoor space – high-impact landscaping is a solution. There are dozens of different, interesting ideas to transform your garden’s looks and functionality. Some of those are affordable, others require a financial discipline on your end. Some are easy to implement and can be completely done within hours, others need to be carefully planned and installed by a team of professionals.

But, all of the ideas provide instant results – boosting your curb appeal and remodeling your yard’s outdoor experience. Once and for all. How to choose the ideas that will suit your garden the best? The smart thing to do is to consult landscaping professionals. They will carefully listen to your vision, analyze your garden’s potential, and come up with a suggestion that doesn’t go over your budget. In the meantime, it’s not harmful to get acquainted with some exciting ideas that can dramatically reinvent your property’s green space.

Expand To The Outdoorsgazebos

Even though outdoor room-like spaces (such as gazebos) have been around since the ancient times, it seems like they are becoming increasingly popular in the recent years. No wonder why. This kind of space significantly improves the property’s value. But, mindfully creating an outdoor room also adds a completely new value and experience to your property. So, what options are available for your future outdoor room? Interesting furniture, a special rug, mood lightning, an outdoor gym, a swing or a hammock, even a bar area. The choice is all yours. Just, be aware of the available space, and of your budget, of course.

Go Bigger Than Before

If we’re talking about the kind of plants which are the most influential to the property’s appearance (and its market value) – we’re obviously talking about large trees. Of course, you need to be very cautious when planning where to add the trees. They might be small when you plant them, but they will grow. And can damage the underground installations, and even the foundation of the house – if planted in the unsuitable spots. Luckily, you can always get the information needed online, or from your landscape operator. There are so many beautiful trees that will give an extra charm to your property, providing a screen from the neighbors and a shade from the sun. We suggest mixing a different set of large trees across your property for the maximum effect. Plant evergreens next to the ornamental trees, and even add a couple of different palm trees to the mix. Think big.

Lay A Path To Your New Garden

Installing stone or brick pathways and steps throughout your garden can drastically upgrade the functionality of your outdoor space. But, it can also completely transform the way your garden looks – to the better. Even though it takes some time and skill to build a walkway out of stones or bricks – it’s not that difficult. The most important piece of the project is deciding where to stretch the path. Once you have that figured out, everything else comes easier. You can lay cement or concrete underneath the walkway to make it permanent. But, if you want to be able to easily change the direction, size, or even the materials of the path – just lay them on a flattened-out dirt (that has been dug out). That way, you can reinvent your pathways every couple of years – if you want.

Drive The Focus Where You Want It


Over-sized planters. They look cool, fill in the gaps, and attract attention. Mix the planters of different sizes, looks, and materials to create a perfect blend to dramatically enhance your garden’s appearance. Place them close to the action – close to the doors, windows, entryways, and paths. Just make sure they’re not disturbing the natural movement of the people (and pets). And, when talking about what to plant in the planters – go diverse. Mix different kind of shrubs, perennials, even small trees. Then, just sit back, relax, and enjoy your new view.

Light Up The Night

Adding lights to your outdoor space makes it more attractive for the potential buyers or renters. But, more significantly, it allows you and your family members to experience your own property in an entirely new way. You can decide to brighten up the certain spots around your garden to divert the focus to them when the sun goes down. You can decide to add lights next to the pathways to improve safety and functionality of your property. You can also go really creative and install ground-lights to light up the trees or the facade. Or, you can install the lights above the outdoor room – which can be great for both summer parties and romantic dates with your loved one.

Install New Seating Spaces

Adding more seating spaces all across your yard can be done without having to purchase new outdoor chairs and benches. You can easily build a bench around a tree – making it a centerpiece of the entire garden. Or, attach the benches to the walls and fences. This will create an instant boost to your property’s curb appeal. It will also allow the residents to enjoy the outdoors more than before. And, if they ever lack the space to put planters or anything else basically – benches can instantly transform into usable shelves. All according to the needs.

Create Natural Barriers

Natural Barriers

Use your property’s natural topography and geography to get really imaginative and completely reinvent the way the entire landscape looks. You can add or rearrange slopes, forming a unique aesthetic look of your yard. Add retaining walls to create small terraces – improving the functionality and adding extra outdoor space. Layering your landscapes might sound too difficult or complicated at first, but doesn’t have to be. It can also probably be much less expensive than you imagine.

Perfect What’s Already There

When talking about landscaping works, nothing improves estate’s value more than having your lawn look like a green carpet. But, maintaining your lawn takes much more than simply mowing the grass. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to think about having landscape professionals remodel your lawn areas, and make them so inviting that you’ll find yourself enjoying the outdoors of your yard more often than ever. In the end, even though lawn care might not come to anybody’s mind when thinking about high-impact landscaping, it is the one change that will boost the curb appeal of your garden – immediately.

We hope this list has inspired you to finally get more serious about reinventing your garden’s appearance and functionality. Take the time to think what would work best, and what kind of landscaping ideas would you enjoy the most seeing being turned into reality. Then, start implementing those ideas – by yourself, or with a help of experienced professionals.