The Large Shrubs You Need to Spice Up Your Commercial Florida Landscape

The Large Shrubs You Need to Spice Up Your Commercial Florida Landscape

Ladies and gentlemen of Florida, we’re opening up the conversation you’ve all been waiting for. We’re about to dig deep and open up about a landscaping element that’s overlooked so often a lot of folks don’t even know what this landscaping feature is in the first place.

So, what is it, exactly?

It’s big. It’s bold. It’s bushy. It can add pizzazz to your landscape in a snap without demanding all of your TLC and attention. It can optimize the aesthetic of your landscape in more ways than one. It can provide you with great aromatics, gorgeous blooms, and even a bit of fruit, sometimes.

So, what exactly are these magical landscaping elements we’re discussing?

Shrubs, people, large shrubs.

Welcome to the wonderful world of shrubs.

Yeah, we said it—shrubs.

Doesn’t sound so magical and titillating now, does it? Au contraire—shrubs are a glorious addition to any commercial landscape because they’re beautiful, exciting, low-maintenance, and work well within a landscaping budget.

Basically, large shrubs are the best. And if you keep on reading through this blog, we’ll outline more than just why—we’ll even give you a few suggestions for some of our very favorite Florida shrubs.

Shrubs? Bushes? What’s the Difference?

If you’re sitting there saying something like, “oh, sure, shrubs—of course!” and then scratching your head and picking through your brain to try to remember what exactly a shrub is in the first place, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Shrubs don’t really get the attention they deserve (in our opinion), so they’re often not called out to your attention if you’re not a landscaping nerd (like us).

Shrubs are basically bushes if you don’t want to get too technical. They’re perennial plants that have persistent woody stems above the ground (in most cases) and can range from small to extra-large sizes. While there are some significant differences between shrubs and bushes, the most notable distinction is that shrubs can often grow to be much larger than bushes and are often pruned, trimmed, and shaped more often than bushes are.

Shrubs can be a gorgeous addition to your commercial landscape, but more than that, they can add some serious benefits to your space. For example, large shrubs can:

  • Be used as large accent plants for gardens, flower beds, hedges, and more
  • Act as secure privacy fences to create boundaries for your property
  • Aid in the reduction of wind noise
  • Create appealing leading lines for your commercial landscape by aligning rows along the property, filling spaces, and lining pathways
  • Act as a visual pathway to a focal point
  • Draw attention to architectural elements of your commercial building
  • Create an enclosure or patio space


Shrubs Galore: The Top 5 Shrubs to Include in Your Commercial Landscape

See how useful large shrubs can be? They’re truly multi-purpose and multi-functional. But those aren’t the most exciting things about shrubs—they’re also insanely beautiful and can add a fun pop of aesthetic beauty to your commercial landscape.

There are tons of large shrubs out there to choose from, but we wanted to give you some inspo and provide a few of our Florida-friendly favorites right here.

Birds of Paradise

Tropical. Large. Exotic. The Birds of Paradise shrub is as exciting and unique as it sounds. With distinct upright stems, enormous leaves, and eye-catching flowers, these shrubs scream FLORIDA with everything they’ve got. The leaves, which grow large, are reminiscent of a banana plant while the blooms (which come in a variety of colors) ultimately end up looking remarkably like a bird’s head. Used in the background to fill in space or as a focal piece, these large shrubs can add a Florida pop in an effortless way.


Clusia comes in two varieties—Rosea and Guttifera—and makes for a fantastic Florida accent shrub. With leathery, thick, green leaves that are shaped like hefty paddles, these shrubs are a wonderful addition to any commercial space. Clusia is drought-tolerant, low-maintenance, and essentially trouble-free, which means you’ll be able to add them to your space for a tropical accent without needing to offer them a ton of TLC and time.

Golden Dewdrop

There’s a reason this large shrub is known as the Golden Dewdrop. Though Dewdrop is a fast-growing shrub that boasts beautiful purple flowers, is the tiny, golden berry clusters that weigh the branches down that make it so appealing. Typically, this type of shrub will bloom year-round, and often, the purple flowers and golden berries will accent the shrub at the same time, making for a gorgeous and compelling addition to your commercial landscape.

Strawberry Guava

A subtly beautiful shrub, Strawberry Guava is sometimes the unsung hero of many Florida commercial landscapes. With a beautiful park batter and delicious fruit, this gorgeous shrub is an excellent accent plant that never asks for much attention. In the spring, white flowers will bloom followed by berry clusters that ripen up in the summer. The berries—which are a deep cherry red color—are safe to eat and have a tart, strawberry-like flavor.

Sea Grape

If you’ve ever stepped foot near a Florida beach, you’ve undoubtedly seen the gorgeous Sea Grape shrub. With big, rounded leaves on upright branches, these gorgeous shrubs are a Florida must. These shrubs can grow tall, almost as tall as some trees, and produce small clusters of fruit that look like grapes—when they’re ripe, these super sweet fruits are a delicious treat for people, birds, and squirrels. Whether you use this shrub as a coastal windbreak for your commercial space or just an accent feature, it’s a great choice for your Florida landscape.



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