Low-Maintenance Plant Beds for Commercial Landscapes

Low-Maintenance Plant Beds for Commercial Landscapes

The landscaping gracing your commercial property serves several purposes. From looking alluring to passersby to giving visitors and employees a sense of peace, your business is represented by each blade of grass and every flower petal.

If that sounds like a lot of responsibility is riding on some plants, wait until you hear about the dedication and effort it takes to maintain some popular landscape features. Let’s just say the costs can add up quickly!

The good news is that by opting for the right landscaping elements, you can have the best of both worlds—glorious commercial landscaping and low maintenance, budget-friendly design.

Read on for your guide to the best low-maintenance plants for commercial landscape plant beds!


Well-known for its durability in extreme environments, agave can thrive even in difficult moisture, soil, and sun conditions. Even if you plant them in sandy, dry, extremely sunny areas, they will bring an unmistakable flair to your plant bed thanks to their unique, blade-like leaves.

A word of warning when incorporating these magnificently durable plants into a plant bed—try to place them out of the way of visitors and in a position that will not see frequent maintenance or use. The same foliage that makes these plants aesthetically pleasing also makes them dangerous!

Crepe Myrtle

Popular for their versatility and astounding volume of flowers when in bloom, crepe myrtles are a Florida favorite. While the sheer number of fragrant blossoms alone make these superb shrubs a worthwhile addition to any Florida property, it is their minimal maintenance that truly separates them from the pack.

With moderate annual pruning, crepe myrtles are sure to maintain their health and shape, making them a staple of Florida plant beds.


These shrubs are impossible to miss thanks to their vibrant coloring. From fiery oranges and reds to golds and pinks that are reminiscent of Florida’s iconic sunsets, the foliage of crotons is bright, lively, and ready to help any landscape pop.

With several easy-to-maintain varieties to choose from that range from around three feet to 10 feet in height, there’s sure to be a croton worthy of being added to your low-maintenance plant beds!

Crown of Thorns

When describing Florida’s climate, one might use words like hot and dry (save for the occasional downpour). Luckily, Crown of Thorns excels in hot, dry conditions. Throw some blazing sunshine in the mix, and it’ll impress you even more.

You can even select a variety that will bloom in a color that complements the rest of your property. Imagine; flowers gracing your plant beds nearly year-round with very little effort or maintenance. Now that’s a dream come true!


The more versatile a plant is in terms of its durability and ability to survive in various conditions, the more useful it is in a low-maintenance landscape design. As such, lilyturf is a fantastic, low-growing plant that is great for lining plant beds, acting as a space filler, or growing in areas that other plants struggle in.

Its long, thin foliage adds texture to any plant bed, creating visual appeal without overwhelming the other landscape features. With minimal water and an annual to biannual pruning, lilyturf will provide year-round low-maintenance beauty.

Japanese Boxwood

If you’re looking for the best low-maintenance shrub to add a classic, vibrant green edge to your plant beds, the Japanese boxwood should be high on your list. Not only does it require next to no maintenance, but it also grows at an exceptionally slow pace, making it perfect for those who want to commit minimal time, effort, and money to maintaining their shrubs.

Whether you want clean lines or a more natural shape, Japanese boxwoods can be trimmed to fit your preference. If you opt for a more natural look, pruning will be required even less often!


While our passion is landscaping, and we take pride in the maintenance we perform to the various landscapes we design and manage, we understand and appreciate the desire for low-maintenance plant beds. With the plants listed above, you can build a wonderful foundation to add to, whether it’s more low-maintenance Florida favorites or slightly more demanding varieties. Either way, Landcrafters is ready to offer you guidance and develop a plan that works for you!

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