Our Year in Review: What Landcrafters Accomplished in 2018

As we look back over this last year, we can’t help but smile.

In the last twelve months, Landcrafters has had the pleasure to work with, meet, and collaborate with so many unique, valued, and exceptional customers in the Tampa Bay Area, as we’ve had the privilege to do for the last two decades.

For us, the closing of every year is the opportune time to reflect, remember, and consider all of the work we’ve done, the relationships we’ve built, and the clients we’ve been lucky enough to work with. In the same way, the beginning of each new year is a bright, fresh, and amazing opportunity for us to strengthen those valued relationships, improve our services, and meet even more amazing clients.

It is with this same attitude we embrace the end of 2018 with open arms for a final acknowledgment of the work we’ve done before we set it aside (it’s so bittersweet to let a great year go) and prepare for the new year, a 2019 full of potential, opportunity, and growth.

What Exactly Did Landcrafters Do This Year?

We’re going to avoid the very obvious joke we could make here (we managed landscapes, of course!) and really get down to the grit of what we did this year. Like we said, we had the chance to work with amazing clients – both new client we picked up this year and regular clients we’ve been lucky enough to work with for years! Even though we did some of the same-old-same-old, we also had the chance to work on some new projects, too!


This past year was filled with opportunities, including the chance to work on some big, amazing commercial properties in the Tampa Bay Area! We’re thankful for these partnerships and the opportunity to continually improve our commercial landscaping skills.

More than that though, we were able to continue working on – and begin working on – residential properties peppered throughout the Tampa Bay area. Throughout 2018, we were able to enrich our clients’ lives, provide them with the best landscape possible for their residential spaces, and continually improve our strategy to create beautiful landscape!

How Do We Do What We Do?

At Landcrafters, we truly believe that we are nothing without you, our valued and amazing clients and customers. Without you, we’d be stuck — whose landscape would we work on without you? But we obviously can’t accomplish anything without every amazing member of the Landcrafters team – the landscaping crew, but also our broader team, too (and who can forget about our advanced technology and modern equipment helping us along the way!) Because of all of these factors, we’re able to create stunning landscapes for residential and commercial properties throughout Tampa Bay Area.


From our Landcrafters family to yours, we wish you the very happiest holiday season – and a great new year, too! We hope you enjoyed reflecting on our 2018 projects as much as we have! If you’re interested in hearing more about what we do, how we do it, and how we can benefit your landscape, then you’ve come to the right place!

Want to showcase your landscape as one our best projects for 2019? It can happen — just get in touch! Give us a call at (727)-201-3947. Want more landscape info to inspire and uplift you? Make our regularly-updated blog a staple in your new year landscaping plans! Thanks for being a valued member of our team for 2018 — we can’t wait to work with you in 2019!